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I didn't find anything about the Mass Effect ending particularly memorable.

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The Sims.

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Oddly enough I thought Luigi's Mansion  had a pretty good ending. Nice to see the little brother come out on top & get a laugh.

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Call of Duty 4 ranks way up there for me. What an ending. 
Ocarina of Time had a pretty cool ending. Nothing spectacular, but fun and classy. Just too bad that it leaves you on that one shot and the only thing you can do from there is turn off or reset your console. 
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's ending wasn't anything too epic, though I enjoyed the way they wrap things up in the end. 
Halo: Combat Evolved ended in a nice way.
It seems that I have just been reminded that most games don't have such great endings. I can hardly remember how a lot of games ended even though I beat them.

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Pokemon of course =D

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@xCompanionxCubex said:
" Pokemon of course =D "
Professor Oak always comes, after all.
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HALO 2 8D.
Edit: Changed my mind, I'm serious. It is memorable. Memorably bad.

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COD 4 and Half Life 2 Episode 2. Both were awesome adrenalline rushes.

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Halo: CE I can most certainly agree with. That Warthog escape scene was so damn adrenaline rushing that, after finishing it, I felt ultimately satisfied. I wanted more.

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Call of Duty 4 was awesome; the slow-mo just topped it off. Metal Gear Solid 4's was probably my favourite - just... amazing.
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Metal Gear Solid 4, without a doubt.

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mgs3, best salute in allof gaming
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Half life episode 2,  
and Knights of the Old republic, i spent so much time in that game, and i felt like i'd done something worthwhile at the end of it.

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Mass Effect, MGS3, Lost Odyssey, basically every Zelda game (especially Link to the Past), KoToR, The Darkness

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Final Fantasy  X

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Final Fantasy VII. The ambiguity and interpretation made it great, but all the sequels and spin-offs utterly ruined that.

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I really like the ending battle of DMC 3. It seemed pretty epic at the time but not sure how it holds up these days.

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CoD4, Braid, ICO, and Shadow of the Colossus all stand out in my mind.

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Bioshock was memorably disappointing and cheap. 
But, yeah, Shadow of the Colossus and HL2: Episode 2 were the most moved I've ever been. Not very original choices, but they're well liked for a reason.

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golden axe for the megadrive/genesis..... 
its probably the greatest videogame ending ever...  
edit. I was going by the 360 collection...it's the arcade ending... skip to the 7 min mark 


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@Edgar said:
" Bioshock was memorably disappointing and cheap.   But, yeah, Shadow of the Colossus and HL2: Episode 2 were the most moved I've ever been. Not very original choices, but they're well liked for a reason. "
Bioshock's ending was disappointing but you have to admit that mid point of that game is something to remember. 
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All the Metal gear solid games because they always leave you with a cliff hanger at the end
Ocarina of Time  

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Any Zelda game.

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Bully. Fucking Bully. I love that game so much .

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Bioshock, MGS 2 and 3, and COD4. Also, I love how God of War ended - it picked right up where the very beginning left off.

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The Ending of COD 4 is definitely memorable. Also, the ending to Persona 3 is ambiguous in all the right ways, but of course they had to go and ruin that with The Answer, which lacks any subtlety and prefers to bludgeon you over the head with the same ideas over and over again for the 20 or so hours it takes to complete.

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Baldur's Gate 2.

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Every zelda game I have played. GTA 4 and TLAD. And Goldeneye strangely, probably just because of knocking Travellian (or however you spell it) of the cradle.

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@CSXLoser said:
"Final Fantasy  X "

+1. That game has one of the most emotially charged endings I have seen