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Giantbomb isn't really a website for the sports gamer.
However, we all pretty much have that one game, from a genre we don't really understand, that we enjoy to some degree.

Sports games are weird. Most of them don't really have much of a personality because its based off real life entertainment 
with real life people and events that actually exist. And most of it is current.

My favorite sports game has to be NBA street vol. 2

The aim of the game was to collect players of legendary status like Micheal Jordan (and fictional characters like "Stretch") 
and build your own bad-ass basketball team. At the core, Its a standard basketball game, but the way it handles and the 
exaggerated moves you can do made it much more than a game like NBA live to me. 
 It also gave legends like Micheal Jordan a more comic book-ish look.
NBA street vol. 2 is my NBA jam...some of you may find that blasphemous

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Tony Hawks 2

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The NHL franchise. 

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Although, another sports games I loved was Splashdown.

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Mines NHL09, only because I don't own any sports games and that's the one my friends and I have alot of fun with when we decide to play it really late at night. We've had alot of crazy times with that game.

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Man I really loved NBA Street (1 and 2) but I have to give it to SSX Tricky, so many good memories of playing splitscreen with friends.

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Hm, actually now that I've thought about it more (and looked through the wiki) maybe Tony Hawks 3, either way, the early Tony Hawks games were awesome 8D

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Wave Race 64. 
It still holds up pretty well.

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Tony Hawk's Underground or WWF No Mercy. it's a close tie. 

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either SSX 1 (I never had tricky :/) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (low gravity + chicago = FUN TIMES), or smackdown: Here Comes the Pain (I think that's what it was called)

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I probably have the best memories with the first 2 Tony Hawk games...Street Vol. 2 is awesome though, that was a really good choice on your part

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Um, that Mario baseball game? I don't know, I've only played, like, three sports games, ever.

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Wave Race 64
Mario Golf 64 and Toadstool Tour
Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort

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Fifa 08

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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on PS2. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Fifa 98: Road to World Cup

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Would you take motorsports? Otherwise it'll be GT4. But if not then it has to be Tiger Woods 08. Or was it 09 again?...

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NBA mothereffing Jam, Tournament Edition.

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It's tough between Fifa 10, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (or 5, i can't remember which was superior anymore) and Fifa 98 road to the world cup.
Then there's NBA jam and NFL blitz, lesser sports, but ridiculous fun. 
I think PES 6/5 wins, because i spent about a year of my life playing the master league mode with the default boys, Hamsun, Zamenhof, Ruskin, Mananda E.t.c

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Anything to do with Golf. Tiger Woods on the Wii has gotten better every year. I do find it strange that Nintendo has not made Mario Golf Wii. It seems like a perfect fit.

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I loved most most of the NBA Street games and most of the Tony Hawk games.

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International Superstar Soccer 64 
By a damn mile!

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PS2 North American front cover
The last good one right before the series went to crap.
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@luce: SSX Tricky...if you can count that as a sports game...I really really liked NHL 09.  I buy a new NHL probably every 4-5 years,,,ppl who buy annual are silly.
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That's a tough call.  I'll say SSX 3, though Tiger Woods 2010, NBA Street 2, or Tony Hawk Underground could all easily fit that bill.

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I can't remember the name of it but it was on the Amiga and it was a mixture of Soccer and Football and it was played by cyborgs you could upgrade or recruit. Any help with the name would be amazing. I want to get it possibly on GOG but I cannot forthelifeofme remember.

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Even though I really dont like sports games I have fond memories  of playing madden back when the original xbox came out.  My dad and brother would play with me and kept commenting on how ridiculously realistic it looked....

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NFL 2K5 or really any of the NHL franchise from 99 on.

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I really enjoyed Tony Hawk's Underground, and Mario Golf.

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If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be NFL2K5. Unequivocally, the most well rounded and polished sports game for any console.

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I'd have to say Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. No sports game before or since has gripped me like it did back when it came out. It looked great, controlled brilliantly, and brought a whole new dynamic and pace to the series with its open-world, seek-out-the-challenge-givers gameplay. It's a shame the Tony Hawk franchise has become what it's become, because back in its heyday nobody could touch it.

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@Hosstile17 said:
" If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be NFL2K5. Unequivocally, the most well rounded and polished sports game for any console. "
I'm glad I'm not alone on that one. 
Surpassed Madden in every way, it's a shame. 
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It's either Tony Hawk 3 or SSX Tricky for me. I played them both at around the same time, played the hell out of both, and haven't realistically played many other sports games.

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@Onigenko:  I 100% agree pro evolution has fallen massivly and fifa has become better, but its still a poor game with dodgy controls and poor A.I. Still I want to play online so I choose Fifa these days. It sometimes makes me feel dirty
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The ridiculousness that is NHL10
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MVP Baseball 2005, without a doubt. That game was ridiculously awesome.

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NFL Blitz 2003.  So many great memories from that game, both in the arcades and on Xbox.
Runner-up: NFL Fever 2002
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Hello Kitty : Roller Rescue 
Seriously though, probably Fifa 03.

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Lately I would say Pro Evolution Soccer.

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NHL 94 

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FIFA World Cup 2010 simply because the goalie was no longer running out at the ball from 50 yards out.

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Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain and NHL 05 are the ones that I've spent the most time with.

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Excluding not-quite-a-sports-game sports games like SSX3, Blitz, and the early/mid Tony Hawk games, my heart belongs to NFL 2K5.  God, that game was good.