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E308 has come and gone as well as the rippling effect it has put on the gaming industry and community.
So I have to ask, what are your thoughts on this years Expo?

Honestly it could've been better. A lot lot lot lot lot better.
Yes Nintendo did a terrible job but I won't try and talk about that... instead I'll talk about the fan response to some of the other things out there.
Yes Final Fantasy XIII will be on 360, I think that's a good idea but some people overreact about that. I also think Sony did a fine job presenting some of their IPs despite the boring presentation.

Other then that, E3 needs a kickstart to it's dying heart in order to compete with other expos out there like PAX or TGS.

Your thoughts?

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I thought it was a steaming pile of rubbish with Nintendo's conference at the bottom. 

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I actually enjoyed the majority of what I seen. The press conferences were not that great, but they are never usually the highlight for me. I like seeing the games that I am looking forward to running live, and I certainly seen a lot of that this year, and those games look great!

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i enjoyed it but was disappointing with what it had to offer

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I dunno I think it's like amazing how down people have been on this years E3.  Like sure there weren't any grand surprises but when I think of all the games that were on display it really drove home the point that the best is yet to come for video games.  There's a lot of great looking games that they showed at the show so who cares if they had been shown before--they still looked excellent.