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Maybe it's because i'm on the east coast, or because the site is just starting up, but its taking forever for anything to load up.  I hope you guys speed it up because this is the new best gaming site on the web.  In the mean time i'm going to go ahead and wait for your pages to load, tho every time i do i'm one step closer to a brain aneruism.  For my health, please get this site moving at top speed!

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it's only slow because of mass amount of people that are on at the moment. the situation should get better by the end of the week

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I'm sure the slow down is due to the gaint influx of new users. I'm sure it'll smooth out over the week.

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 Just give it time, everything will work itself out.

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Just like everyone said , patience ...it will solve everything ^__^
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The Site has just recently launched and we have over 7500 users already registered. Im suprised the server hasnt crahed yet

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It will take a awhile for the staff to optimize things. so be patient.

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and dont forget this is BETA

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TheSnakeOfWar said:
"The Site has just recently launched and we have over 7500 users already registered. Im suprised the server hasnt crahed yet"

It crashed for about 15 min about 2 hours ago. But it was back up pretty quick. Everything is loading tons faster now then it was 5 hours ago.
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In the Official Bug List, It states that they're trying to speed it up

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yes its making my crazy too and i planned on doing coursework tonight lol

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It will smooth out over the next few days...I'm actually surprised the site is still up and running, and working that fast :P

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Its slow here too but it's been getting better.

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It'll be slow until it speeds up later. When it speeds up, it'll be better.

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Give it time, its only just came online and could take a while for the inital problems to be sorted.

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It's loading faster for me now. Earlier today it was extremely slow though.

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I'm amazed it's doing so well to this point.

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After the small down time earlier it seems to have gotten way faster.

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Seems slower than other big gaming forums, but it's not that slow.

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It'll speed up as time goes on.

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That's why its considered a Beta, dude. 

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It's just because of the mass amount of bombers being on here.It'll speed up soon...and remember this is only the beta.

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Yeah the load times on my computer are crazy, I just went down the street to my aunts house to use her hard wired connection. lol My wireless connection is pretty weak at home due to think plaster walls, so yeah it was even worse for me.

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It crashes every once in a while but other than that its been real nice.

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Well it's to be expected isn't it? I mean over 7,000 new users in less than a day is bound to wreak havoc.

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Everyone is getting on here after work and checking out what the site is all about.  GB is in beta and I think they're using it to get a good idea about how much bandwidth they're going to need.

- KF

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didnt know it was beta, anyway yer site is awesome.  cant wait to see what becomes of it a few months down the road.

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One, they are probably still working on optimization.  Next, like 10,000 people signed up in the first 24 hours alone sir!  That is quite a bit of activity!

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Yea I was having the same problem earlier. But right now its 2:30 am and its running crazy smooth.

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Yeah everything seems to be sorted out right now