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(Sorry if theres already a thread about this, I'm finding the GB forum search kind of shitty of late (wish you could just search by topic title or original post text))

What are your Summer Jam's of 2013 so far? Post below and update when necessary.

I'll post some generic ones for now which might not necessarily be 'jams' but I'm sure they'll be played a lot -


I really appreciated the recommendations of Beach House and Alt-J from the last go round of one of these threads. Keep them coming! :D

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Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk is definitely on my list.

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YouTube spam go!

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After watching the entirety of Fist of the North Star in a single month (all 152 TV episodes, holy god), my brain has probably been permanently fried by all of the exploding torsos, but this particular opening has frequently been in my head since then and will probably stick with me through the summer.

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Summer means it's time to bust out the ska

the feel good jams

and metal is always good

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Always be Nana'ing.

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@hailinel: Me and a cousin are trying to very slowly get through all of FotNS, we've been at it for like a year. Now, a month? That's impressive. YOU WA SHOCK!

@starfoxa: That's pretty good. Sounds like the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, could it be the same guys?

@blu3v3nom07: All those White kids know what you and me know: Lamar is 2012's hip-hop Lord and Savior.

I still can't get over this one, which, together with Daft Punk's "Touch", is my summer jam.

@mcghee: I died a little. Maybe I'm not into the genre of... K-Hip-Pop? Their double eyelids are quite captivating, though.

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@gerhabio: Har-har!. Dem songs is nice.

Fuck it!

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sticking to music released this year

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Nothing new, but this track is as Summer as Summer tracks get...

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@gerhabio: Yeah, it is the same guys! They have lots of stuff other than their new album and Scott Pilgrim, too, and all of it is fantastic.

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So far, these are the 2013 tracks I've heard/played most this spring.

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1 of many expected summer2013jams!

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I can't quit listening to this song....

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Same as always:

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Crystal Castles hasn't left my car in awhile now.

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@fattony12000: they said SUMMER jam, not ALL-TIME-UNTIL-THE-END-OF-ALL-THINGS jam.

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@posh said:

sticking to music released this year

came here to post this

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