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it looks pretty cool to me, i like the art style, it won best of E3 by ign.
im just curious about the whole Elika character and her role in the game

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Looks promising but, I dont like the genre so I dont think it will be my game :D.


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Looks pretty neat.  The art style is really cool.

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prince of Persia forum :) but yes i kinda like the look of it and the eassistant

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Please post Prince of Persia topics on the Prince of Persia forum. :)

I like the style but Ubisoft isn't known for their great combat, even with how dramatic it looks. Never getting  a real "game over" makes me question the difficulty as well, even more so because I'm not sure how often checkpoints will be. My biggest concern is the non-linear gameplay, which I know almost nothing about.

I'll be waiting on reviews and reactions before I try it out. I hope there will be a demo out before release.

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Is it bad that I liked the song from the trailer?

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Already a thread on this, but like I said there, im not exactly digging the new artstyle... turns me off, they are taking the easy way around things.

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I love it's art style, very innovative and stylish. Can't wait to see what Ubisoft is going to do with this

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I've been falling in and out of love with the games art style since it's been announced. 

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Cell shading is the easy way around things? I actually think the art style is perfect for the game.

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It looks amazing.  GOTY contender for sure.

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Hey you guys, I actually started a topic about this in the Prince of Persia forum. Read the FAQ to find out how to find the appropriate forum for all your discussions.

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I like the new artstyle. I think it's fresh and the Prince of Persia franchise was in dire need of a makeover. I'm excited.

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the girl-character puts it off for me, because unless its handled by a person it'll suck

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The art style is beautiful, but having the Elika character by your side at all times seems like a bit of an annoyance. Also, you can't die in this game because Elika will always save you from death, so I hope the game isn't too easy.

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I think it could be really cool, but I can also see them totally screwing it up.

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I'm still a little skeptical, to be honest. The Cel-Shaded look was a predictable turn for the series in some form or another, and to the games credit it looks pretty sound.

Infact, I've just lost a point. Maybe it's because I don't particularly like the Prince of Persia series (Why am I on this thread...)

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I haven't played any of the other Prince of Persia game, but I'm pretty excited to check this one out.  I think it looks great and I'm glad I won't have to know any of the old story to play this one.

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one of my most anticipated games of the year not just because I'm a big fan of the POP franchise but because it also looks awesome.