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I'll start.

Warcraft Universe, Monster Hunter gameplay. I'd love to take a big paladin's hammer and roll around smacking Deathwing & Co. until I can carve his body for goodies.

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An epic rap JRPG. Unite East and West and end the Rap War. The name? Def Jamtasy VII.

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An epic rap JRPG. Unite East and West and end the Rap War. The name? Def Jamtasy VII.

Limit Breakdown!!!!!

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A first person shooter, but LT shoots and RT aims.

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Panzer Dragoon based FPS with just enough dragon riding and flying, story and visual-experience heavy.

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A game where you play as the cameraman (and crew) of a first-person shooter. Much like a news crew in a war zone.

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Madden NFL Madden

You are John Madden.

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QWOP ^ 4: The Spider Chronicles.

Every game by law has a "Mental Freedom Mode" under options that disables achievements/trophies and lets you or your co-op partners play through a game without looking in every single corner for balls of fluff that will give you ten loser points.

iScream. You are woken by a scream. Is it somebody in pain and distress or (for example) is some drunken bint getting goosed by her boyfriend as they return home for some midnight excitement? Investigate wrongly and you might get punched. Sleep on through it and the guilt of finding out that a splintered shin bone is what caused a commotion, not somebody hysterical laughing at another 'Bazinga' from those crazy "Big Bang Theory" boys, well that might lead you eventually to your own screaming breakdown as the days go on. All screams, gigglescreams, ticklescreams and squeals are genuine and sourced real time from the google screaming database. That could be somebody you know wildly screeching.

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Total War X Fire Emblem

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You play as a motherless child in a busy mall, and the only action you can perform is tugging at the shirts of women asking if she he is your mother.

After a long day of courageous tugging and a handful of "leave me alone's," you find yourself eating out of a trashcan and sleeping in the recently locked-up bathroom.

It's an RPG!

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2nd person shooter

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A fighting game with only one button.

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A strategy game you control only by yelling.

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Also, my idea is Barber Simulator 2014.

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I seriously want an action-RTS style game (with controls similar to starcraft, league of legends or whatever) but have the gameplay be a series of sports games, like football (soccer) or american football (football). this has to be a mod for some game, right? you control one whole team, left-mouse to select players, use the num keys to control actions (pass, shoot, cross, tackle etc.) and right-mouse key to control direction. obviously the physics would be more akin to a sports game than an action RTS since movement physics in those games are just animations.

also I can't believe there aren't more fire emblem clones like skulls of the shogun. i need gameplay identical to that but smaller scale, and more of it

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Tale Spin X Rambo

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Something like Dynasty warriors but difficult and more immersive. I love the idea of changing the tides of battle with generals, I just wish your troops weren't useless, and those duels with the generals sucked.

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@nonused: If that has Oculus Rift and Leap Motion support, I'm on board. I want to make a snip virtual hair with my fingers like an idiot.

My idea is a Double Fine or Telltale remake of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. Same story, better game.

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A game with the same difficulty/length-per-session of FTL, but it's multiplayer and each player controls a different crew member in first person. You'd need a lot of coordination for everything to not just fall apart in the first 15 seconds, but that'd be part of the point.

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"Where the Hell Did I Put Those Beef Tips?". Picture it: You're about to cook up some beef tips and gravy, but you can't remember where you placed the beef tips! Now you can simulate that harrowing and exciting search through the medium of video games! Preorder bonuses include a hand-sculpted "package of beef tips" figurine (with over 30 points of articulation!) and the "Goddammit, Seriously, Did Somebody Move Them?" DLC levels!

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A mix between Ratchet and Clank and Freedom Fighters where you play as a mad scientist who builds and commands an army of robots. It would have a weapon building system similar to Dead Space 3 and a cartoon aesthetic. The multiplayer would be a MOBA.

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@video_game_king:"rap Jrpg" inspired a great idea about music combo turn based fighting system. Pick your party members, they will be of various genres. you set up all your choices and the short unique track is played. This has an effect on the enemy.

  • A little sidekick who will always beatbox
  • a short campaign because 70 hours of similar combos is no good (up to 10hours max)
  • the story is on a much smaller scale (see this weeks bombcast). Focus on some kids trying to sing their way out of poverty to win the local music competition?
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I'd say the story could be on a large scale like I was imagining if you made it relatively fast paced and utterly ridiculous. Now I'm wondering just what the hell a Metal Slime would be in this context. Some type of online rapper, maybe?

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I'd say the story could be on a large scale like I was imagining if you made it relatively fast paced and utterly ridiculous. Now I'm wondering just what the hell a Metal Slime would be in this context. Some type of online rapper, maybe?

well it would have to be the lowest of the low. hmmm.... hipsters?

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A game like antichamber but to get to new areas you have to go on shady looking sites and download patches that will add the environment to the game.

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Rapping hipsters? That's going in. We need to work on the design document for this bad boy, though.

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An entire game focused on small time criminals robbing gas stations and bars who eventually progress into robbing banks and entire buildings. There would be progression, letting you gain instinct type abilities that would be gained in real life. Also, combine this with full functional weapons like in Receiver.

Loading Video...

You can pick either first person or third person. (If I had to make a choice, third person) Character customization is a NEED! Of course, starting off would give you simple stuff like wrecked jeans, combat boats, some shady hoodie or sweart... the starting masks could be stuff your character stole from a china shop or something. Balaclavas and gas masks/Suits don't come in until you're living the high life, robbing banks and such.

There could also be an opposing player (1 or 2?) that spawns as a civilian in whatever place you're robbing. The civilian player will not know where the alarm is until the robbery is started. People robbing the place have to make sure civilians don't get to it, at any cost. If the civilian player does activate the alarm, they will spawn as cop inside a cop car, already on its way to the designated robbery. The 1 or 2 players will have back up NPC cops to help them out. Bullets are extremely deadly, two or three shots at most will take down the player. This will be balanced by how many NPCs and people that are robbing the place. There will NOT be endless hordes of cops... Each robbery would take 3-5 minutes long... It would be fast, adrenaline pumping, dangerous, and pure righteousness.

I should stop my brain now. Someone please make this. PLEEEEEEEASE

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Open world action RPG set in the modern day world, but theres magic and monsters (also dinosaurs) roaming around. So like you're driving around small town america in your pick up truck, and a god damn T-rex starts chasing your car, so your wizard side kick is throwing fireballs and lightning bolts out of the back of the pickup truck at the T-rex and then you make a wrong turn, end up in an area controlled by goblins and then a goblin war party starts throwing spears at the T-rex, it stops chasing you and attacks the goblin village.

Going to a wizard shop and having him enchant your ak-47 would be pretty awesome. Then using a magical ak-47 that shoots lightning bullets to kill a T-rex would also be pretty sweet.

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I want a WWE themed SRPG.

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A game like antichamber but to get to new areas you have to go on shady looking sites and download patches that will add the environment to the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Quick Look: The Game. I love it.

I want a WWE themed SRPG.

This is just dumb enough to be the best game ever.

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*edit: This wasn't supposed to be posted twice*

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I want an Indiana Jones game in the style of New Vegas charting the years between Last Crusade and Crystal Skull. It can span the globe, have action, spying and investigation.

No idea how levelling would work, but I want it bad.

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Paint Dryer pro.

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Shadowbane 2.

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Multiple players are dropped in a forest.

You get progressively more hungry, and have to hunt for prey to eat.

As you eat, your poop bar fills. Eventually you have to poop. The aim of the game is to eat the other guys' poop. So obviously you have to keep watch, and stalk other players, but also you'll have to go hunt for food some time or you'll drop dead. This could result in people being stealthy about where and when they choose to poop, and a lot of tension around whether there's time to stalk another player, or if you should be out hunting. If you poop more often you'll have more time to innocently hunt infront of other players, but if you hold it in then obviously the benefit is there's less poops of yours out there on the map.

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I need a dbz game in the style of a DMC/bayonetta. Idk why it hasn't happened.

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@wacomole said:

A game where you play as the cameraman (and crew) of a first-person shooter. Much like a news crew in a war zone.

this almost exists i guess? Michigan: Report from Hell

I think it'd be cool if they released a short downloadable fallout game with gameplay mechanics similar to that of the first games. if that gameplay was streamlined and modernised it might be alright. make it similar to xcom: enemy unknown in combat situations but still set in that great universe and have exploration similar to in an isometric action RPG.

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I dance-mat action-adventure.

"Sir, his one request is to see the flyest breakdancing ever. Those people's lives are at stake."
"...This is my moment..."
"HOLY CHRIST THIS BOMB COULD TAKE OUT THE WHOLE CITY ANY SECOND!! Here, you man the funkatronic defusal interface, I'll stream in commands- in the form of arrows. God help us if you don't have the moves."

"HELP! THE PRESIDENT NEEDS CPR! If only there were a doctor in the white house!"
"I'm a doctor! ...with no arms! But don't worry, I know the exact pressure points, I can stomp on his chest in perfect order and rhythm."

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A GTA mod where I can sit in a lobby and watch a police scanner. If some kid in Holland gets 3 stars, I DIVE INTO HIS GAME and TAKE HIM THE FUCK OUT as Officer xXmilfhunterXx420

"Woah, why is this AI cop car ramming me so much!? and why does it have a username!?"


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Jay & Silent Bob's Xbox 420: A game where you join forces with America's Most Wanted's John Walsh & To Catch a Predator's Chris Hansen to go door to door across America, finding IRL the people who grieved you on Xbox Live, and getting revenge. Hand their parents the transcripts of the dispicable things they wrote in dashboard text messages, play recordings of their voices saying typical Xbox things like, "your moms a fag" and "I'm gonna rape you" and "my cousins a sniper in the marines that's why I know you're camping" and "we should be drilling in Alaska" and "do you have a boyfriend?" And YOU control Dad as he belts his idiot 15 year old racist son upon hearing that the parent or guardian is legally responsible as the namesake the Comcast account is in for any criminal activity that takes place on the home's Internet signal. Use the Kinect to virtually whip your sons ass as Jason Mewes blares your sons threats to stick his balls on the chin of the 9 year old accuser from Black Ops two months ago, cranked to eleven from a Ghettoblaster. Watch as your son screams leave me alone and charges into his bedroom, eventually to hang himself, all the while Kev & Jay ask you if they can use your son's trademark SmokeDawgg420DBZSSJ1997swag screen name for a character in clerks 3. It's the most meta game ever made.

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A 2d sidescrolling beat em up where you play as a kick chick trying to save her kidnapped boyfriend with a fighting system that has the depth and complexity of a game like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta but the speed of Metal Gear Rising. Recognizing tells, dodging and parrying appropriately are key to progressing. The gameplay is centered around a "play better, the game gets harder" level up system like in God Hand; the better you're doing, the harder it gets, but the more intense and dramatic the background music gets in return. The ideal experience is the max level of difficulty, dodging, parrying and countering enemies to some really awesome tunes. Boss battles are especially good, with dramatic parts of the BGM leading them into special attacks or scripted sequences.

A speed platformer/action game/metroidvania where you play as a robot lady named ALITA(Artificial Life Inhabiting Transhuman Architecture) slowly becoming self aware and reveling in her newfound humanity. She has boosters on her arms and legs that you use to go faster and enemies are used as both obstacles, platforms and objects to increase how fast you are moving. The faster you go, the harder you eventually hit when you decide to attack. Upgrades and equipment change her color palette and hairstyle(double jump? twin tails!) As above, music is a big part of the experience. There should be a dedicated dance button that causes ALITA to dance, and each stage/area has its own dedicated dance. Dancing while moving, jumping, boosting, etc charges up a supercharge meter that can be activated to send ALITA into overdrive.

S'all I got. I've been thinking about both for quite a while.

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A Paper's Please-esque game (although a little more complex in terms of gameplay) set during WWII. You are living in a Nazi occupied country working as a manager at a commandeered ammunition factory. You have to decide whether you will work and support your family, or sabotage the ammunition and face the wrath of your oppressors.

Obviously, there's other things to consider:

  • If you sabotage the ammo the Allies would most likely win the battle against the Nazis, but your town (and innocent villagers) may be destroyed in the attack.
  • As manager of the factory, if you do a good job for the Nazis, you could gain trust and privileges which you could then use to help your family, other villagers, or help to smuggle Jews out of the country in ammo shipments.

Basically, the game would be showing you that although the ideas of "paragon" and "renegade" may seem clearcut, they are anything but. Walking the fine line between both may actually serve the greater good, but picking the correct moments to go one way or another is tricky business!

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Evolution inspired game!

In it you play as some kind blob thing or something I dunno, and your goal is to chase down and capture these 4 other blob things. You have 30 seconds.

Thing is, you are not fast enough at the start to capture all of the blob things in 30 seconds so at least 1 will survive. When the next round starts the surviving blobs are duplicated into 3 similar blobs and random "mutations" occur giving them some kind of stat change or perhaps new ability. Some might be faster, some might be slower and easier to capture, some might just change color.

You capture as many as you can for points or something, the surviving ones continue to split and occasionally gain better stats, like tighter turning or something, this continues until you manage to capture everybody, which ends the game, or you don't manage to capture anybody which leads to you getting a short list of abilities generated from which you can pick 1 and later maybe 2.

As the rounds proceed and things get more complicated the round time increases to several minutes. If there are a lot of split creatures at the end of a round their rate of splitting decreases. The environment could eventually play a bigger part with things like heavily vegetated areas, where stealth and tracking ability becomes a factor, as well as underwater and high elevation areas that are only accessible with different abilities.

Maybe you start with really bad senses too, like poor vision and no hearing.