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@Deleth@MordeaniisChaos :   Ask yourself this why the hell would anyone buy 1 thing when they can buy 3 things that are just as good for the same price?  I can get 3 slightly older used games for the same price i can buy a new game until that changes I see no reason to abandoned the used game market.  Just to be that really annoying guy I may buy used games a lot but I've never once traded a game in why get ripped off like that.
It's simple economics if the devs and publishers want all the money they better get to fucking competing for it instead of crying about it.   It's truly that simple they are getting undercut . They can either join the race to the bottom . Bitch and whine about losing sales to people who are selling things for cheaper or go crony  and have the government stamp out the competition for them . 
It's be better for  every consumer if they decided to compete for your dollar but of course that's probably not gonna happen. 
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@darkdragonmage99: Exactly, I can buy 3 used 360 games for $20. Those games were already purchased once, and supported the developers bottom line. And unlike pirating a game, only ONE copy can be played at a time (the copy that made the developer $60 in the first place). I'm not a damn charity, I'm buying games to play them, not to support some grandiose cause of game developing. If game developers want more of my money they can lower the price of their games.

Is there an example of a game studio that went out of business because they had a really popular game that was only bought used? That doesn't make any sense. Game developers going out of business has much more to do with their games being bad. No ones buying them new OR used.

Bitching about Gamestop and used games is like saying housing contractors should be paid every time a Realtor sells a house. Or autoworkers should get a check every time a used car is sold. It's insane.

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@Deleth said:

But instead of giving said money to the ones who developed and or distributed the game, you gave it it to a leech that etablished itself in between.

Game resellers are pretty much the "middle man" in this case.

Yeah, a "leech" the provides thousands of jobs while also providing nearly free advertising for all the upcoming titles. It's laughable that the game studios would criticize the very relationship that they benefit from so handsomely.

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@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

I'm offended when this issue is called the used game problem. As a consumer, I have multiple purchasing options in the marketplace when it comes to buying a game I'm interested in. What's the problem? Publishers and Developers were so busy worrying about gouging console gamers up front that they failed to even consider the huge pile of money to be made after the game has been played. They're just pissed that a third party swooped in and took advantage. The bare truth is this: Developers make a new game, publishers market it, consumers buy the new game. Mission accomplished. Pubs and devs achieved what they set out to do, which is sell a product. This sense of entitlement that these guys should continue to profit on something they have already been paid for is absurd.

Beautifully said. It's not as complex as everyone makes it out to be. This is how markets work.

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Videogames should be treated like the consumables they are. You consume them until they're all used up. As soon as its value is depleted for you, it is depleted for everyone. You buy a non-transferable right to consume a videogame to your hearts content.

Trading with a consumable that's essentially worthless to you is immoral. You get paid for selling your used up shit you had no hand in creating, whilst the creators and backers don't get a dime.

Why buy second hand, when game prices on new retail boxes get slashed and go on sale every so often? Don't buy used, buy new and cheap a year after release - if you can wait. I'm all for binding software to user accounts.

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@MB said:

This entire argument will soon be moot with a fully digital video game space looming just years away.

No any time soon. Only around half the consoles sold are connected to the internet to begin with. Add in the fact of High Speed Internet availability not as widespread (in the US at least) as it should be and some ISPs looking to institute bandwith caps on web usage, there are still many, many billions to be made.

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@Seppli: why wait 4 years when you can wait 1 and get it the same price  
example black ops is still 60 bucks I can get it used for 18  The price will never drop that low new. 
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@darkdragonmage99 said:

@Seppli: why wait 4 years when you can wait 1 and get it the same price example black ops is still 60 bucks I can get it used for 18 The price will never drop that low new.

That's because it keeps on selling. Most games don't. As soon as sales slow down to a crawl, price drops are inevitable.