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Hey guys,

When I was a kid I used to play The Adventures of Link like crazy. One day, after finishing it maybe twice in a row in one sitting, I saved my game and instead of level 9 sword, I had level 0. Whenever I played with this character I killed everything (even the angel of death) in one hit. The only thing that took more than one hit was my shadow (which you fight right at the end). One day a cousin came over and deleted the saved game and I never got it to happen again.

Does anyone know how this occurred or what the story was behind it? I assume I somehow got the game into some kind of dev mode, but it wasn't intentional (I was like 13). What were the steps to do it?

This isn't urgent, I've just been curious about it for ages.

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Based on the surprisingly sparse info Google turned up, your level zero sword was probably caused by memory corruption or dying battery on the cart. Other people reported magic behaving in weird ways, too.

It also looks like there was a Game Genie code to obtain a level zero sword but I think your situation is cooler.

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I don't think that was it. I played the game for many hours after I got the level 0 sword, even after my cousin erased it. I THINK I remember my mother telling me she'd contacted Nintendo about it, and someone had told her it was a dev mode that was achieved if you finished the game twice in one sitting without dying, but my memory might be failing me here. I would really love to know if this is true.