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Quantity is an illusion, further augmented by the video games we play today. Not enough bullets in your clip? Exchange it for an extended magazine. Running low on health? Then eat a creme-filled cake out of a trash can. Tired of holding only two weapons at a time? Well here, have a weapon wheel. We gamers sure are a spoiled bunch. But that can have repercussions when playing games that don't conform to this "quantity code." What happens when your resources are scarce, and every move you make could be pivotal to the end result? At Babaroga, we've been developing this very game, and it's called:

Hey everyone! I'm Charles, Community Manager at Babaroga Games. We just launched Zombies!!! for iOS, but unfortunately, it's hidden among thousands of other "Zombie" games on the iTunes store. So, I figured I'd swing by and let the Giant Bomb community know that it's there, and it's awesome.

Check it out at:

[link removed]

Or take a gander at some screenshots, videos, artwork and the press release here:

[link removed]

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I would be happy to address each and every one!

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I know you have some experience with getting banned, so please understand that continuing to advertise your iOS games on the forums could get you banned from GB as well.