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Hey everyone,

My console of choice when I was a lad was the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, which was first released in Japan on October 29, 1988. I distinctly and fondly remember the Christmas morning when Santa brought it, and I played Sonic the Hedgehog on my family's little kitchen TV while my Dad marvelled at the graphics quality.

I've annoyingly lobbied the staff of Giant Bomb for a celebratory nostalgic livestream to mark the occasion, but the only person who wrote back was @rorie, who said it was a neat idea. But I get that with two huge consoles launching in the coming weeks, that our overburdened friends have a lot on their plate as they attempt to balance their many hats.

So my last resort is this thread, to bring attention to the significance of tomorrow's date in video game history, and to perhaps conjure up some pleasant memories for all the good people here.

And maybe @jeff'll surprise us all and drag some great and terrible Genesis carts into work tomorrow! Who knows?

Either way, I know I'll be celebrating and playing some Revenge of Shinobi, Kid Chameleon, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic 3 (featuring the music of the late Michael Jackson (maybe)).

Have a spooky week!

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A toast to the Genesis!

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I think we'll always remember the music of the Ice Cap Zone.

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Was it just my luck or did the Genesis controllers C button always break.

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Wow! I can't believe it's that old. I still remember I got my Sega Genesis as a Christmas present in 91...or maybe it was 92? I played that thing non stop until 1996 when I got a playstation.

The genesis is still one of my favorite consoles.

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The sega genesis was my very first console, so cheers!

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Was it just my luck or did the Genesis controllers C button always break.

My C buttons hung in there, but I did bend the controller pins on the console itself, and the weirdest thing happened: up on the D-pad stopped working, but if you held down-left or down-right, you would go up-left or up-right, respectively; straight down still worked as intended.

For years after that, because it was on the Player 1 controller port, I played all of my games with that control scheme. Maybe it made me even better at NHL '96, I'm not sure. That was the pinnacle of hockey games, in my view. '94 gets the shine, but '96 was ridiculously fast and did everything '94 did, and then some.

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Phantasy Star games, Shining Force I & II, and all the EA sports games back when they were good. The Genesis was great.

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I'll have to break out my genesis then for the memories. Love that system.

I still think Kid Chameleon is one of the greatest platforming games that never went anywhere.

Lot of great games on the Genesis.

Also fun to recall that atari 2600 controllers worked fine on the genesis due to them having the same input.

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Oh, they totally need to do some sort of stream for this. It's way more important than whatever is actually coming out this week.

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I remember my friend and I playing Golden Axe for far too many hours on his Genesis. I loved the Genesis just as much as the SNES back then.

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I hope GB does a celebration of some sort.

I'll raise a glass to the Genesis, no doubt.

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I can still remember playing Lakers VS Celtics on Xmas morning. Where the hell is my Genesis... I need to play some Mutant League Hockey...

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Favorite Genesis Game: Kid Fucking Chameleon.

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I was playing Phantasy Star II all weekend for the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run. That game has a lot to love, minus the insane amount of grind necessary to beat it. To the Genesis!

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My favorite Genesis game Sonic and Knuckles

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I spent an unimaginable amount of time on my Mega Drive. I had Gunstar Heroes, Altered Beasts. Sonic 1 and 2 and a bunch of other games I've lost, I went over pretty much weekly to a friends house who had Streets of Rage and we played it on his. Never got him to borrow me it though, heh. I was a pretty lucky kid all considered.

Here's to you Sega Mega Drive.

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One of my top 3 systems. I was born in '85 and the Genesis was a huge part of my early childhood.


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Jeff has always said that the Genesis might be his favourite system of all time, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do something with it. I never owned a Genesis myself, was always more of a Nintendo kid growing up, but that system is up there with the greats. So many fantastic games!

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@jeff, Genesis marathon please. Thank you.

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Got one with Space Harrier II and Alex Kidd for Christmas the year it came out at age 12. Best Christmas ever!

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I got a Genesis bundled with Sonic 2. Oh the hours I sunk into that gem.

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Loved that system.

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I wish GB would do a Genesis stream same as the Snes streams. Actually, I wish they'd do vintage-themed streams more often.

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Shining Force

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You know, a Genesis stream would make a great segment for the 24 hour thing. I can't see a better 4am game to play than Dynamite Headdy.

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It's always bugged me how the majority of retro video game coverage is Nintendo... anyway, Sonic 3 was the best game I had for that thing. Fuck it I love that game, even if it is the black sheep of the original series.

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Only in Japan.

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There has been plenty of talk around Giant Bomb about a Genesis stream. And since it's 25 years old now I think it would be perfect for their end of the year show.

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Cool! Going to rip open a box of Genesis games I have yet to beat and celebrate tomorrow!

I love my Genesis, always have.

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Only in Japan.

Oh darn it - good point. I really should've

Hey everyone,

My console of choice when I was a lad was the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, which was first released in Japan on October 29, 1988.

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What a great console it was, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 being my favorite along with Splatterhouse 2, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and Revenge of Shinobi. Didn't own many games for it at the time but thankfully the video rental store had a good selection.

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I feel fucking ooooooooooold.

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I got a Genesis bundled with Sonic 2. Oh the hours I sunk into that gem.

Oh god yes. That goes down as one of my favorite Christmas's of all time.

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@daneian said:

I feel fucking ooooooooooold.


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@daneian said:

I feel fucking ooooooooooold.


Now you know how I felt when the NES turned 25.

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It would be better to do it next August for the 25th anniversary of the North American release. There's usually not much going on in August.

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Wise fwom your gwave!

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Man those sprites were huge!!

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Listen to those fucking drums!!!

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Genesis music is so fucking good! I used to just sit there and listen to the sound test of this:

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Congratulations to the Gensis team for making at this far. :D thumbs up!!! :D

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Genesis music is so fucking good! I used to just sit there and listen to the sound test of this:

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I honestly spent hours in the options menu just listening to the BGMs and SFX of this game. I even still vaguely remember the code for the debug mode.

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Still probably my favourite console. Others have had better games but playing my Mega Drive with friends is some of my best gaming memories.

I would love to see a live stream for this!

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Look at these assholes. This was the true console war. None of this FPS and upscaled p and hertz and clouds. Just straight up you system sucks balls because check out this dude in a race car. We even callin you out in our slogan.

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Considering we are on 2 (maybe 3 if you count their Famicom romps) streams of Snes. With only a look at the Genesis/Mega Drive on Jurassic Lark (I think) I have been waiting to see the GB crew romp onto it and see their opinions on the choice games they have at hand.

Then again they grew up with the Snes more (why the multi streams of Snes) as well as already described obstacles. Always makes me a little bummed out about it.

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The Genesis was my favorite console game during that generation. The controller just worked for me. I bought a SNES around the time SF3(can't recall which variation it was) came out. The graphics on the SNES were superior to the Genesis but I always felt that the controls were more responsive on the Genesis. I destroyed close to 10 SNES controllers from rage when the controls were sluggish.

I miss Joe Montana Football, The Mutant League Series, Gunstar Heroes, and many more. Hell I even miss that time when Sonic was relevant. Although it was a big let down, the 32X had a few games I enjoyed.


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YES! All day Genesis stream, like they did for the Snes! And this should be the song playing at all times in the background, cause it signified what the Genesis: metal!

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Doubt we'll be getting a stream, but I definitely just hauled my Genesis Rubbermaid up from the b-ment to celebrate in the most appropriate way!

Plan is to start with Kid Chameleon, Sonic 2, Skitchin', Jammit, Cool Spot, Aladdin, Moonwalker.....and then go from there.