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How to access B-SPEC in the game? i searched EVERYWHERE in the game and no google didn't help neither.

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GTP: What about B-Spec mode? Will B-Spec racing return to Gran Turismo 6? If so, how do you see its features evolving in the future?

“In GT6, we’re planning to make it so that you can just switch within the same race to make it either A-Spec or B-Spec. There won’t be separate modes for A-Spec or B-Spec racing any more, the player can just choose to have it be an A-Spec or B-Spec race. So, people who really like to drive can just keep it in A-Spec.

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Another major gripe towards the game is that while Polyphony has marketed improved course maker as one of Gran Turismo 6’s highlights, the mode along with B-spec, data logger and 3D support are missing from the finished product and are expected to be added via updates in the future.

You said you didn't like people googling stuff and posting answers, but it seems that solution answers your questions. Also, don't be an asshole to be people and you're much more likely to get a response.

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I'm not convinced this is a real person.

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Why do we allow newbies to make forum posts anyway? There is a cool-off period, so we don't get jokers.

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The question's been answered and we've run our course here. Doesn't look like any intelligent or useful conversation's going to take place from this point forward.