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After playing GTA V I kind of want to mess around with the original two games a bit. They had both on steam for the longest while but now seems they are both delisted? Secondly, I know Rockstar provided them both as free downloads for a little while but that route seems no longer available as well. Any way to get a hold of these games in a legal fashion?

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It's really weird that they delisted them, i gotta check my Steam library when i get done with work to see if they're still in my library because i know i had them. Anyways, the only place i could find them was by googling gta 1 download, but yeah that's not exactly the safest way to download it

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@sin4profit: I applaud your response but duder as I wrote in my original post they shut that down. You can't get em' that way anymore.

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@demoskinos: Ah, i thought "currently unavailable" was a temporary thing...i guess just wait, they seem to offer the games for free off and on over time, didn't even have to join a mailing list the first time around.

Worth noting, the original GTA games don't hold up, i was a huge fan of GTA on the PC and the last time i tried to check it out i couldn't wrap my head around the controls.

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They (steam) used to sell it for really expensive on their own (50 bucks a pop, from what I remember) then they included it for free with the grand theft auto complete pack, and now it's nowhere to be found.

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Something relevant from the Rockstar site:

The Rockstar Classics collection is our series of complimentary full PC game downloads, provided exclusively to members of the Rockstar Games mailing list.

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@video_game_king: the text on the bottom seems to imply you can click on the game you want, jump through the hoops and get a link to the download page but my understanding is that that is currently not an option.

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Just pirate them. They've been milked to death anyway. If you buy the bundle on steam you get the old games for free, but they're N/A otherwise.

Personally I'd just pirate them. No one is hurting over 16 year old games being pirated.

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I bought the complete pack a couple weeks when it was on sale, they are all on stream but not really sure where or how you would get them now if their not listed. if you click the store page for GTA in steam it just forwards you back to the store page.

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GTA 1 & 2 have been free for a while, legally free. Just "google" GTA Free and it pops right up from Softonic.com.