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Poll: Favorite GTA Protaganist (56 votes)

Claude Speed (GTA II and III) 5%
Tommy Vercetti (Vice City) 25%
Carl "CJ" Johnson (San Andreas 29%
Toni Cipriani (Liberty City Stories) 5%
Victor Vance (Vice City Stories) 0%
Niko Bellic (GTA IV) 25%
Johnny Klebitz (Lost and the Damned) 5%
Luis Lopez (Ballad of Gay Tony) 5%
Michael, Trevor, or Franklin (GTA V) 0%

You know the drill folks vote for the anti-hero you love most. I will say I didn't split up any of the characters from GTA V since I felt a poll for each of those three characters would be better suited to the GTA V board itself. If you want to point out which member of that trio you like most then feel free to comment!

Me personally I have the most fond memories of GTA Vice City and Tommy Vercetti was one of my favorite characters to play as in the series. Aside from being voiced by award winning actor Ray Liotta, Tommy was this personification of 1980's excess, crime, and even the player's own desires to cause chaos. Also that sick Hawaiian shirt was pretty dope.

#1 Posted by Krullban (1191 posts) -

Niko easily.

#2 Posted by Brodehouse (10300 posts) -


You telling me Big Smoke wasn't the protagonist of San Andreas? BIG SMOKE!

#3 Posted by falserelic (5407 posts) -


''I'm fat, but I ain't slow''

#4 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

Carl Johnson: [when C.J. is running from the police] I don't want a nightstick up the ass.

#5 Posted by Stonyman65 (2942 posts) -

Toni or Tommy.

#6 Posted by Yummylee (22746 posts) -

A bit premature, don't you think? Discounting the GTA V characters obviously, Tommy Vercetti. Pretty safe answer but, Ray Liotta just bloody kills it. Johnny Klebitz would be second, followed by Niko.

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You've left out the guy from GTA Advanced (I think his name was Mike maybe?) and the guy from Chinatown Wars (whose name I don't remember even though I got 100% in that game). And why not add Jimmy Hopkins from Bully to the list.

None of them stand out to me as particularly better than the rest. I want to say maybe Luis is a better character than the rest, but maybe that's just because he's from the most recent GTA that I've played.

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Tough decision between CJ and Johnny for me, but chose CJ.

And can't really vote on the new guys at this point.

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I'm torn between Niko and CJ.

Niko because, despite the whole sociopath mass murderer thing, he seems like a guy I'd actually hang out with. He's weirdly affable.

CJ because I really like his character arc. San Andreas had the best sense of escalation in the series (even though it became wacky and cartoonish as it went along... not that that's a bad thing).

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Niko. But that's mainly because his COUSIN is probably my favorite GTA character of all.

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@mosespippy: Crap! I did forget about China Town Wars. My apologies.

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Tommy V.

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Tommy or CJ. How does Niko get so many votes? That asshole got annoying because i just couldn't relate to his ignorance of being in America. And how about the fact that Claude blasted Maria at the end of GTAIII (awesome) but this dude couldn't shoot Roman to shut the fuck up and stop fucking up everything for them. Or why he did any missions for Vlad? I just didn't like him.

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You know I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of GTA 3. It would be nice to see Claude with a personality.

#17 Posted by Nightriff (5649 posts) -

CJ only because I loved San Andreas, I think Niko is overrated as a character

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Tommy V and remember the name and VC has the best GTA story so far IMO.

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For me it was Tommy. Niko is a close second, and CJ is third. I loved San Andreas, but CJ spent the entire game complaining and whining. He wasn't a badass like Tommy or Niko.

#20 Posted by TheHT (12098 posts) -

Vercetti was the most interesting. Don't remember CJ much. Niko was alright. Haven't played Episodes but maybe I should since I've given up on finishing GTA4.

But the characters from GTA5 seem likable.