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You seen those banner ads of the blond in a bikini? That's pretty sexist, huh?

Wait, no, what's actually sexist is that there are no female characters in GTA V. They gave you three characters, two white dudes and a black dudes. This underestimates the female population of Los Angeles by infinity percent, and also underestimates the number of Latinos by infinity percent. They should add a Latina character to correct both of these injustices, though in fact, then the female quota would still be roughly 50% of its ideal target, which would make her look like a token female, which is even more sexist than having no female character at all.

Then they should make her flat and have her wear a trenchcoat, so that they're only sexist in that one regard.

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Shut up.

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Here we go.

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You know what game is sexist? Yoshi's Island, you don't play as a female even once.

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...Sounds about right.

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@mr_skeleton: Well uh.. how can you tell all the yoshi's in the park are female? Did you send someone to look up all there skirts?

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Gosh you're witty.