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Poll: Bikes & Helos & Planes Listing to the Left or Right for You? Deadzone Lower Than Fault Tolerancy on Gamepads? (31 votes)

Yes. (PS3) 13%
No. (PS3) 29%
Yes. (360) 3%
No. (360) 45%
Don't own GTA V. Show results. 10%

So with my old Dualshock 3, motorcycles & helos & planes were listing quite strongly to the right. Nearly unplayable it was. Everything else was fine. With that I mean every other game, as well as controlling cars and characters in GTA V.

Assuming the fault was due to my 5 year old gamepad being on its last leg, I went out and picked up a brandnew Dualshock 3. Lo and behold - the vehicles types in question now list very slightly to the left. At least now it bearly impacts playability with the new pad. Sometimes when I jiggle the analogstick around some, it is dead center enough for everything to go straight - at least for a little while.

In my estimation, the deadzone for GTA V's bike & plane & chopper controls are set lower than the fault tolerancy for analogsticks of the Dualshock 3, which is a major assfuck really. I'm down 60 bucks for it, and pissed about it too. Jeez - 2,5 months before the generational shift, unnecessarily wasting 60 bucks that could have gone towards a PS4 game.

I'm assuming I'm not the only one experiencing this issue, seeing how I'm suffering from it using a brandnew Dualshock 3. Report back please.

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The only time I have noticed a plane or chopper listing to one side is after I have damaged it, otherwise none of my vehicles list to either side.

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Playing on the 360, I haven't noticed anything like this.

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Nope haven't noticed anything. If anything I think the deadzone is too large

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A plane leaned slightly for me yesterday. PS3

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Nope on PS3 for me.

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Maybe you turned on the motion controls in the settings by accident?

I'm not having any issues on PS3 though.

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@collegeguymike said:

Maybe you turned on the motion controls in the settings by accident?

I'm not having any issues on PS3 though.

Dude? You know what? I actually did turn those on in the beginning, because I usually love silly shit like that. Since there was no tutorial on it, I forgot about it thereafter.

JEEEEEZ! *facepalm*

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Motion controls, ruining games and gamer's budgets since 2006.

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@collegeguymike: @rafaelfc:

Jup. Turned off motion controls and checked both gamepads. World 1. Me 0. So fucking dumb. Oh boy!

Oh well, other than the PS3 going in the box soon, circumstantially turning this purchase über-frivolous, my old Dualshock 3 makes a rather ghastly figure and was in need of replacement for awhile. Guess it's nice fingering such a nice young and tight thing again. If only it didn't make me feel so dumb.

Jeez! Fresh out of brains. And down a sixty. Shitsticks!

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Requesting a lock please.

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I'm having this problem in choppers... But I'm playing on 360. I thought maybe it was supposed to be a wind effect.