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This topic contains slight spoilers for the early bits of Trevors campaign.

So I'm normally the kind of person that won't kill someone in a game if I'm given the choice. But the way they introduce Trevor and set him up, and generally portray him in the rest of the game so far, I feel like Trevor is the kind of person that won't let someone go if he has a beef with them.

Anyway the moment I'm getting to is actually a pretty small one: It's when you drive the trailer out in the water and threaten the Aztecas dude. I guess you can either walk away and let him live or kill him. Walking away seemed kind of weak for Trevor and would break the immersion for me. Seroiusly why would the dude that just smashed Johnny's face in, poor Johnny, let anyone walk away that could become a nuisance for him?

I actually felt really bad after killing him, just because the game gave me the choice and I chose to kill him, but then again it would break the games immersion if Trevor didn't do it. I generally feel a little uncomfortable playing as Trevor to be honest.

I realize this sounds a little silly since you kill hundreds if not thousands of people during the game, but this one bothered me a bit just because is it was my choice.

How many of you killed the aztecas dude? Or did you walk away?

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Nah. Meth is surprisingly hard to find where I'm at. Ill keep trying if you insist this is the way to play.

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i didnt know you could walk away....lol. I did just aim my gun at him for awhile hoping he'd break since thats what they seemed to imply, then i shot his head full of buckshot.

I like trevor alot though, he's super interesting.

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Yeah, I had no clue you could walk away either. I kicked him in the face. And yes generally I'll play way more aggressively with Trevor.

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No i don't fuck stuffed animals, i swear.

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I shot the Aztecas dude's hand, square in the palm, and he died. Also, yes, when I play Trevor I'm actively a jerk.

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I do find myself giving less of a fuck about other cars when I'm using Trevor as using his car to smash others around is fun and yes I also killed the Aztec guy.

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I would if I didn't get gang raped by cops flying out of thin air around me for doing the smallest thing.

Seriously it's been hours since I've broken the law, I'm even scared of pulling out my gun or bumping into a pedestrian, the immediate wanted star and teleporting cops who arrive and shoot to kill are the fucking worst.

Great job, GTA, this is why I fucking play you, to behave because of realism.

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I play everyone else in Trevor's character.

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I shot the Aztecas dude's hand, square in the palm, and he died. Also, yes, when I play Trevor I'm actively a jerk.

Yeah I shot him in the foot, meaning as a kind of warning and he just died.

To the point of the thread, if I have a car crash with Trevor I always get out and either beat the other guy or just shoot them and them kick their car to bits.

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I actually did the opposite on a random encounter. A guy's car broke down and asked to get a lift to the airport. So I took him there and the conversation was pretty interesting. After I dropped him off he gave me a stock tip. So I pulled up my phone (while parked) and was checking the stock when I heard sirens and Trevor saying "Oh fuck not the cops" or something like that. So I put the phone away wondering how in the fuck the cops are after me and I see I'm parked in a no parking zone. Took off and ended up flipping and blowing up the truck. Woke up at the hospital and now it was too late to buy that stock from that guys tip. FUCK(Kind of awesome though that I screwed myself there)!

I feel like Trevor is only going to be a bad person when the other person is impeding his ability to get things done. Also he doesn't like people telling him what to do even if it means the opposite is a good deed, he'll do it out of spite.

This game is great.

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Shot him right in the face. Anyone who pisses off Trevor will get killed, that's how I'm playing it. Like the dude with the wig with the pro-American sign. He was talking shit about Canadians and I suckerpunched him to death.

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I fucking killed that guy so hard. My Trevor murders anyone and everyone without remorse. I like playing as Trevor.

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There is a mission down the road where if you let someone live they call the cops on you so I say shoot everyone you can!

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I do play in character. When I play as Trevor I play as your typical GTA player who doesn't give a crap about anything, but when I play as Franklin and Michael I play it cool, try not to crash into other cars, not start beef, because they just want to make their money and be cool. With Trevor he is batshit crazy and I'll take people to the cult and not feel bad because I rationalize to myself that it's what Trevor does. It also gives me a bit of variety of how I play when I play as different characters so that I get many different experiences.

For someone that loves to experience everything in a game, but also loves to play the way I would actually go about experiences, this allows me to experience all of the different experiences GTAV has to offer by rationalizing that it's because of the character, BAD and GOOD, ETHICAL and UNETHICAL.

I stay in character and I find it fun.

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I stay in character with all three main characters. Even up to the music choices (and I never listen to rap, but I always have Franklin listen to the classic rap station), personality, and so on. I never steal cars with Franklin or Michael (unless it were in their character to do so). Probably my favorite in character moment for Trevor was there was a financial advisor on the side of the road needing a ride to the airport. Trevor stops and picks him up and he JUST KEEPS TALKING. Trevor even comments to him about shutting up. Well, this guy never did, so I stopped the car, got out, and blew him away. I love that they have three really different characters that let allow you to play them in character.

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I walked away, I thought if I shot him the mission would have failed.

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I shot the Aztecas dude's hand, square in the palm, and he died. Also, yes, when I play Trevor I'm actively a jerk.

I switched to unarmed and socked the dude in the face, hoping it'd be a less harsh "knock him out" option. He died instantly.

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I definitely iced that dude without hesitation. It felt like the Trevor thing to do.