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I managed to get past the bullshit of the tutorial on the day of release, albeit 10 hours after it was available. I got to level 15 and had a cool apartment and a nice car, spent about 8 hours playing that day.

Today, my character got deleted. I was pissed but I decided to just roll with it and make a new character. Spent another chunk of time playing, got to level 12. It was all going well and I just bought a garage. $40,000. I play a job and go back to the map to find that my garage isn't there anymore. However, the money I spent on it is gone.

Seriously, fuck this game.

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Kifflom, brother.

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Just give it a week or so

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@pie: Why? So I can do what I've just done for a third time? No thanks.

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Too bad considering you're the only one who could play it.

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We probably don't need anymore "GTA Online is broken" topics...let's keep the complaining contained to the existing topic, folks. Thanks.