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Anyone been to a Best Buy midnight release for a large game before? I've never been to midnight release and I've heard stories (about them in general, not just best buy) ranging from being in and out in 10 minutes to waiting in line for over 3 hours. I haven't preordered it or anything, but called them and the girl said that they will sell it to me without a preorder. I also called gamestop, and unsurprisingly the guy said it was "extremely unlikely" to get a copy without a preorder and to get their by 6pm, so fuck that. I wouldn't put it past gamestop to tell me to fuck off with hundreds of copies in the back for tomorrow.

Anyways, anyone know if I can show up to my local Best Buy around 12am and get the game without waiting in line for hours?

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I wouldnt bet on getting the game quickly. Here in the uk we have lines up to 400 people in the smaller game stores.

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This is one of the biggest games of the year. I would definitely wait until morning.

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It wouldn't hurt to ask how many preorders the place has. Local Gamestop has nearly 1k or so which is enough for me to say fuck waiting in that line ever.

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Best Buy still exists? You funny dawg, I'm going to Denny's.

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You could go to the area shortly before midnight to check things out. If it's too crowded just go in the morning.

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Best Buy still exists? You funny dawg, I'm going to Denny's.

Grand Slam > Waiting in line at Best Buy.

You've made a wise decision.

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Even though I hate to say this, but I have a strange feeling people will get hurt at the GTA V midnight launch.

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I went to a mid-night release for GTA IV & Halo OST, people are cool at those things and most times its only for people who pre-order, you might get some free hand outs stickers or maybe something alittle more but I got my game and went home and played it... the only downside is its sometimes cold to freezing and a few lame hyper fanboys trying to start up something but if you have the next day free and want to spend the morning to noon getting into the game right away then its pretty cool