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Any idea when GTAV will be on Xbox 360 Games of Demand?

I have some MS Point Cards built up over several years but I have yet to find a good reason to use them. If GTAV goes on Games on Demand I will definitely purchase it.

Here is a list of Games that have made it to Games on Demand soon after retail.

Rayman Legends 9/3 - GOD Date 9/13 - 10 days
Madden NFL 25 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Lost Planet 3 8/27 - GOD Date 9/6 - 10 days
Saints Row IV 8/20 - GOD Date 8/30 - 10 days

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They really didn't set up a pre-order like Sony did? What the hell is wrong with them?

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I'm pretty sure it isn't day one, but Rockstar has stated that they're trying to get it onto the service as quickly as possible. So, probably some time next week.

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Seeing how Rockstar recently informed everyone to not install the Play Disc. I wonder how this will affect digital versions.

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@s0mewh4td4m4ged: It's not necessarily a one-to-one comparison, but Halo 3 had a similar disclaimer about not installing to the hard drive and the On Demand version of that game had longer load times than the disc version. I wouldn't be surprised if digital versions of GTA V experience some additional pop in due to assets loading a bit slower.

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microsoft said maybe tuesday sep.27

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@chubbz: Do you mean friday the 27th or tuesday the 30th?