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There was a line of 20 people at 2:30 in the afternoon at my local EBgames... on a Tuesday. And I don't live in a big city or anything.

Was it that crazy at your local gamestore or big box retailer?

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I waited five minuted behind a mom trading in stuff for her son, bought the game and walked out. This was at 11 am though so maybe I beat the after school rush.

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Confusing and depressing. First we were lied to about being able to pre-load the game up until the 11th hour, then I couldn't get my PS3 to come online and start the game download while I was at work, then I woke up to find a fully installed game surrounded by rumors that a fully installed PS3 copy of the game is in just as much trouble as the 360. Which were confirmed minutes later.

Everything since has been amazing though.

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I waited until midnight (EST) had a minor heart attack when PSN decide to grace (chen) us with a 45 minute wait until it finally popped up on my download list. Hit download, went to bed. Woke up at around 10 am, and started stealing cars like a madman.

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Amazon sent it to me on Friday and I had it Saturday morning. I finished the game before launch day. 9.5 / 10. Trevor is amazing.

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I just preordered on Amazon, so when I got home from work it was there. That really sucks if the download version of the game have poor performance.

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I preordered in a store the day before, then went there on release day after work and simply picked it up. For big games that might sell out I'm pretty ok with pre-ordering.

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Walked into a Wal-Mart at 5:30pm after work asked for a copy and got it. Got home opened it and had a Blimp code inside of it. I think I did pretty well for an impulse buy after the Quick Look.

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PIcked it up at Gamestop at midnight with a pretty big crowd present. Got home played for two hours. Went to bed. Woke up, and proceded to play for another ten hours.

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I got my copy in the mail in the early afternoon. Proceeded to play it until midnight. I say my launch day went good.

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I downloaded it, so it went pretty well.

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I was surprised to see a line at the Gamestop I go to at noon on a tuesday, but it was there! Then, I got home and played it for the next 8.5 hours.

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I walked into walmart around 8:45 am, went up to the counter and asked for it, and was out at 8:46 am. I could tell I wasn't the first person to be there and, as I was leaving, I heard the cashier ask the next customer "Xbox or Playstation 3?"

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I had no problems picking up the game or playing it on PS3. The day itself sucked, but I've managed to reverse some of yesterday's suckage today.

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There is a big electronics store here in Norway that usually buys a ton of any popular game and sells them for 200Kr(35$) less than anywhere else on launch day. I just walked in there at 11:00am and was out again 11:05am.

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I went to my local brick and mortar Futureshop, selected a copy from the shelf and also P4:Arena because I can't very well not buy that game eventually, went to counter and conducted the transaction, offended the cashier because I had my earplugs in and couldn't hear her when she asked me if I wanted a bag or not.

There were no lines and no scarcity of copies. This particular storefront is on the outskirts of the city and is never busy though, which is why I always buy games there.

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IT WAS TERRIBLE! I got up at noon on Tuesday, took an hour in the shower before heading out, stopped to get something to eat, and then when I walked into the electronics department they told me they were at the front in the customer support department for some strange reason. I then had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE and wait a FULL 3 SECONDS in line for the lady at the cash register to reach behind her into a box that was literally brimming to the top with copies. Then the bitch had the audacity to ask me if I wanted it for PS3 or 360! I was ready to ask for a manager I was so upset, but I held my tongue.

I then spent the rest of the day playing it while eating junk food. The things we go through for this hobby.

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The lines weren't too bad but there were tons of people buying and leaving with a copy of the game. Far more PS3 preorders than 360 preorders for whatever reason. Don't know what it was like if you just picked it up off the shelf cause I picked up my preorder at customer support.

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Totally uneventful. Went to pick up my pre-ordered copy just after 10 AM at Gamestop, and waited behind about eight other people. In and out in about five minutes.

Outside of the guy behind the counter telling somebody on the phone that today was NOT the day to get trade-in values over the phone, there was nothing noteworthy about it whatsoever.

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Not bad - Short line at the local GameStop, inc 3 kids no older than 15 with no parent and/or guardian present. For shame! One of the kids chatted me up in the parking lot, asking what system I was on, etc. Then another kid, maybe 12, told me apropos of nothing to go to the medical marijuana store. I had no fucking idea what he was talking about. I'm assuming that's an in-game thing, cuz my state doesn't have medical marijuana stores.

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Walked into the store at 11 am, found a copy and walked out five minutes later.