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Easy question, what's some songs/a type of music you'd like to see in the game?

I'd, personally, like to see some death grips, square pusher, Health, Daft punk (get lucky would be awesome). A good Altrock channel (I'd be happy to see some post rock, post punk, or even shoegazing on something like that).

And a good, drive inspired, synthpop channel would be AMAZING. They should, seriously, license the drive soundtrack and make a station.

Secret time: I preordered the special edition because it comes with a hammer melee weapon code (I'm gonna drive through the night and fuck up fools drive/hotline Miami style). Also THE GAME HAS MASKS. 3D HOTLINE MIAMI RAMPAGING

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Game, Every Time I Die, Voltio

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Philip Glass because why not.

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I think there should be a station that just plays Brotherman Bill over and over.

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Like GTAIV, I'm hoping there'll be a lot of music in there that I haven't heard of and will grow to love, like I did with all the music from Vladivostok FM.

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When/If the pc-version ever comes, I'd rather leave Independent FM to take care of those more-known songs of today. For now, I prefer hearing some good music I've never heard before or some way old classy songs that give me a fuzzy nostalgic feeling.

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Wouldn't mind more 80's stuff.

But what I really want are the talk stations. The talk stations (actually, all of the radio stuff) in GTAIV was kinda crappy. I REALLY hope they do much better this time.

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Oppan Gangnam Style?

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My favorite thing about the GTA radio is that I have no expectations or hopes. The music I like, I listen to on my iTunes. I go to the GTA radio for good random music, most of which I've never heard before.

Let the electronic and reggae vibes while cruising around the map ensue! Among other vibes

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A dedicated metal station or two. This was my least favorite part of Saints Row 4, and looks like GTA5 is going to follow suite.

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In Houser I trust.

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Dedicated metal and classical music stations.

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As a huge Stoner Rock fan, I'm hoping for something off the new Queens of the Stone Age album. But I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

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Tom Waits. The weird stuff.

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Tom Waits. The weird stuff.

I could get behind this.

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I would like to see the game open with this classic hit.

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@chiablo said:

A dedicated metal station or two. This was my least favorite part of Saints Row 4, and looks like GTA5 is going to follow suite.

Yeah, an LCHC surrogate for San Andreas would be nice.

Also, I want a Kanye West song. Just one. Pretty please.

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I didn't know you could see music OP! Heh, joking aside. Some power ballads would be cool if I decided to go on a rampage. Especially if I could listen to music without being in a vehicle. A-la Saints Row IV.