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Well a Reddit user found some code in the recent GTA V update. It could be junk code just like the Red guard code in the last skyrim update

According to a user on Reddit, a modder from the GTAForums (see here) has found some snippets of data referencing a North Yankton DLC. Alongside a list of new weapons, radio stations, character/ped data and a few subtitles. Apparently it was left behind from the recent 1.04 update.

Below is what we know so far:

Radio Stations:

  • Deutsch Vorher 91.5
  • North Yankton PR
  • Homeland 82.3
  • Electric Drop 95.7
  • Strings Unleashed 82.9
  • Better Days FM
  • Yankton Entert
  • Northern Rock 56.1


  • Protagonists for the DLC include Michael, some guy named Rick, and Niko returns
  • Antagonist could be a man named Bruce
  • Gracie returns
  • Subtitles/conversations involving Roman – meaning the Revenge ending was canon
  • Gay Tony and Luis return – though, Luis is mentioned in the data as “Luis_corpse.”


  • Brass Knuckles
  • MP40 Submachine Gun
  • ACR Rifle
  • Carcano Rifle
  • Brick
  • Sixshoot (revolver?)
  • Escopeta (Escopeta shotgun?)
  • Chainsaw
  • Bear trap (explosive)
  • Heat seeking rocket launcher
  • Thompson submachine gun
  • M2 Browning
  • Red Dot (weapon attachment)


  • North Yankton has it’s own Snapmatic tag – but you can’t take pictures during the NY missions. This could mean a NY DLC isn’t that far fetched.
  • Michael brings Jimmy to North Yankton “to get away from that video game and teach him some real work.”
  • North Yankton is not an interior
  • Niko’s special is titled “depression.”
  • Niko could be on drugs, subtitle snippets are confusing, no mentions of who says what
  • North Yankton has multiple snowy weather data (i.e. snowy1, snowy2, foggy2 etc.)

It’s unknown whether or not this is true, but what is interesting is that this user found this 3 days ago… well 2 days ago Rockstar mentioned that they ”will also have initial details on more additional content coming for both Story Mode and GTA Online in the next few weeks.

Could this new ‘Story Mode’ DLC be the above content? – As well as all this, some new coding was also found.

If this ends up being true would you want a expansion set in North Yankton? I think it will be a good departure from the sun soaked Los Santos to the snowy North Yankton.

If not what would you like for future DLC ?

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Sounds neat. That North Yankton missionlater in the game was comfy as fuck. Wouldn't mind more.

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A North Yankton expansion would be interesting. GTA taking on a small town/city would be interesting. I've always wondered if all of the insanity/crazy of the GTA world was bottled up in cesspits like Los Angeles and New York or if it was a nationwide thing.

As far as the specifics of this expansion go, I'm gonna have to call bullshit. I can't see Niko showing up. I just can't. After the way Michael Hollick and Rockstar parted ways I can't see it happening. As far as others like Gay Tony and Luis? Maybe. I could see that. But man, I just can't buy Niko appearing in an expansion, much less as a playable protagonist.

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Niko will not be returning. If I recall, they are very open about never reusing someone who complains about the money they got. It's the same reason you'll never see Tommy Vercetti again.

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Niko will not be returning. If I recall, they are very open about never reusing someone who complains about the money they got. It's the same reason you'll never see Tommy Vercetti again.

You'll never see Tommy again because he doesn't exist in this generation GTA's world.

There are enough GTA 4 references in V that Niko wouldn't surprise me at all. And I think a turn on his character where he realizes he likes crime would be interesting (as someone who found his "I want to get out" shtick tired in IV, if I did enjoy him as a character otherwise).But the wrench in it is like @oldirtybearon says, that his voice actor fell out with Rockstar.

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@artisanbreads: That's exactly what I was saying. There are 'lore' reasons why Tommy won't show up but I'm demonstrating that they won't work with those people again.

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Has Rockstar ever added new radio stations with their DLC? That seems kind of crazy.

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@milkman: Yep , they added Vice City FM in The Ballad of gay tony.

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that wouldbe bull if luis is killed in the universe.

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@milkman: Yep , they added Vice City FM in The Ballad of gay tony.

Actually, it's exclusive to the Episodes Disc/PC release. That rendition of the game includes the songs from the two expansions on their respective radio stations, minus the music included in the original game, and a bunch of new stations with exclusive music to make up for the lack of stations/songs included originally, including Vice City FM and stations like RamJam.

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It could've been cool, regardless. I think the problem with the GTA IV DLC, for me, was by the time Ballad of Gay Tony shipped, I was a little tired of Liberty City. Los Santos is cool and everything and I wouldn't mind going back some months from now, but I don't want them to do the same for GTA V.

A change of scenery can be nice sometimes. Operation: Anchorage wasn't great, but I liked it after spending 60+ in Fallout 3's DC wasteland.