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Posted by StarvingGamer (7918 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Playing Favorites: Franklin, Michael, or Trevor (245 votes)

Franklin, the Gangster 27%
Michael, the Family Man 48%
Trevor, the Drug Dealer 24%

Well, you gotta hand it to Rockstar: If they know anything it's how to cut a compelling trailer. Despite my general dislike for all thing GTA, I can't help but feel pumped for GTAV. Now that we've met the gang, who's your favorite? It's probably just because of the song, but right now I'm really feeling Michael. He seems like the one poised to have the most transformative experience over the course of the game.

#51 Posted by artdias (12 posts) -

I personally loved San Andreas so I vote for Franklin.. but I wanna see what Trevor is able to do =)

#52 Edited by Animasta (14636 posts) -

Franklin just reminds me of Big Smoke and Trevor is terrible so Michael by default.

#53 Edited by D0tti (786 posts) -

Voted Michael cause he kinda reminds me off Tommy from Vice City, only looks though. Franklin a close 2nd, Trevor is kinda meh, will probably love him more when I play the game.

#54 Posted by Tearhead (2147 posts) -

Franklin. You don't gotta like it, 'cus the hood gone love it.

#55 Posted by Coafi (1481 posts) -

Why is Trevor not winning this poll?! I like Trevor because he seems like those crazy NPCs that I've always wanted play as and now is my chance. Franklin and Michael seem like rehashes of old GTA characters.

#56 Posted by DonutFever (3548 posts) -

Trevor to go on rampages, Micheal to play around with expensive stuff, and Franklin to make money (investments, larger cut during heists, etc.)

#57 Posted by MikeJFlick (435 posts) -

Michael, seems like the only rounded character, but only time will tell.

I didn't choose Franklin because I've had my fill of Grove Street and Didn't choose Trevor because I'm not down with the meth-head acting characters(Lynch being a rare exception)

#58 Edited by GERALTITUDE (2860 posts) -

I like them all but right now Franklin > Michael > Trevor.