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I think I made four GTA Online characters so far, three of them were erased in all of the online launch madness. But a couple of days ago I discovered that I had to make another character and I just decided to go with a random dude. During the cycle of random characters good ol' John Marston popped up. So, I decided to make him my "Dad" and to my surprise this character actually stayed saved. So, cheers to "Special" Dads everywhere.

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Great post

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This is not your blog OP.

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I feel like the only person who hasn't picked John Marston as a father at this point.

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@lackingsaint: I didn't either. I will probably do it once since there are 5 character slots, but my main character has regular ancestors.

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Does the special dad actually do anything... special? Or do they just contribute to the character's looks the same way any normal dad does?

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I think the only reason I used John Marston as a dad was because the only noticeable difference between him and my other dad (who isn't special and should be ashamed) was my character's skin tone was lighter.

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This is not your blog OP.

Yeah Tanklor, this isn't your blog. To get to your blog you should go to your profile, find the blogs, and find the button for making a new one. Write it, tag it, post it, and then choose the "GTA V Forum" option when the magic dropdown asks which forum to post your blog to. Then you'll be in the clear doing it right. Next time though. This time is already done.

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Think we all know something about "special dads".

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I think I might go ahead and use Marston's seed at some point. But, I think I'll have Niko Bellic as a dad for my first character.

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I'm trying to make Carl from Aqua teen hunger force I've been at it for a hour, I just can't get they hair right....ohhh and the fat. Anyone found a way to get fat? I thought since they had fat models in the game I'd be able to get a fat character.

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@themasterds: Who really gives a shit? - I mean really .. chill out copper.