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for example: don't pick up EVERY person on the side of the road, cause you might end up in your tidy whities on the railroad tracks when you wake up (I love how the character remarks, "not again")

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Yeah, that happened to me when I played as Trevor. At first I thought he got raped.

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Trevor can rock a suit like Pee Wee Herman. Try putting one of the full suits on him. Made me laugh out loud.

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If you plan on using sticky bombs to blow the doors off a armored car, make sure you're standing far enough away that you don't get blown up.

Also, fighter jets run out of fuel. A bad place to learn this is a mile out from your hanger when the engine suddenly shuts off. Skyscrapers are bad news for stalled jets.

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there is nothing quite like being surrounded by a bunch of chimpanzees, then being abducted by aliens, and flying through the blurred, colorful acid skyline of los santos to the tune of "shine a light" by the c90's.

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That the crime has gotten to a point that killin someone in the middle of the row doesn't even draw a single star.

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Being chased by the cops in the outskirts of town by the mountain is very exciting and fun

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Cops are everywhere, no exceptions. Top of the mountain? COPS