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I usually root for the golden boy in my fiction. I'm a fan of Superman and Captain America. I'm the only one of my friends that think Leonardo is the best Ninja Turtle and my favorite X-Men is Cyclops. I like the goodie goods for some odd reason. But with GTA I started out a fan of Michael because he seemed a bit misunderstood, and when I met Trevor I couldn't stand him, his opening scene turned me off big time, but as I keep playing GTA and I keep getting to know all three characters I find myself really enjoying how deranged and how wrong Trevor is. He's quickly becoming my favorite character. Perhaps he's a smooth talker, or maybe I'm a mindless cultist.

All this is not to say I don't like antiheroes I do. Very much so if they are well written, I just didn't expect to gravitate towards such a morally corrupt character in GTA of all things.

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I liked Lester and Lemar a lot more than the main characters. They were always entertaining when they were on the screen, albeit they had less screen time to fill.

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Trevor is hilarious, he would be my favorite if it wasn't for him killing my actual favorite GTA character.

Now it's Michael. I feel for him, every time I switch to him and find him sitting alone in a dog park, my heart hurts.

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I like Michael.

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@arestice: I know what you mean, when I switch to him and he's sitting in his car or sleeping in it, head against the wheel. I just feel so bad for him. And yeah Lester from the non main characters is pretty great.

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Trevor was the only character I didn't find boring or annoying.

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It's only a matter of time before the Lamar Fanclub pops in, so I'll just start it off early.

Lamar "Big Dog, Big Nuts" Davis.

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Michael is my favorite.

Trevor is a terrible character but does have his moments when he tones it down, still love when he drives to Los Santos to see Michael for the first time, great great moment.

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I really liked Wade and Lamar. Even though they are both idiots, the way they behave and talk are both great. Wade's simplistic innocence might be my favorite part of the whole game.

"Cousin Floyd says strip clubs objectify women, but you're not objects, you're people."

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Trevor has the best lines but he's also the most confusing after not seeming that way for most of the game and I really didn't like the other side to the character they started addressing during the endgame.

Michael was essentially a blank slate to me the whole game, he was fine but I played with him the least. His clothing options were bizarrely limited, his voice annoyed me every once in a while and he had the least funny things to say in free roam. Just not a very inspiring character outside of the storyline.

Franklin felt like he had the least going on in his life and was really unfortunately marginalized for most of the game, and maybe that's why I connect with him most. His love story was dumb and unnecessary but all his come ups otherwise felt good to see, he has the only special ability I actually use in the game (and I use it often) and he's the only one that looks natural doing anything in the game whether it's mountain biking for an hour of solitude or attempting to learn BMX tricks in the city or rampaging on an ATV in Blaine County as SWAT trucks bound over the hills toward you.

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Anyone not Trevor.

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Michael and his whole family if that counts as one. I really enjoyed his part of the story and the conclusion of it.

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Easily Lamar.

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Michael. Because he's pretty much a mix between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro's characters from Heat.

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Michael so far, but I'm like 20% in so.. lets see

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I dislike Trevor very much but I have to admit he also gets some of the best scenes and dialogue.

I guess I liked Michael and Franklin pretty evenly.

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I haven't finished the game.

At first I liked Franklin, but I think I just liked the experience of being an intelligent kid from the inner city who could rise above the nonsense (even if they did it through crime). They do a decent job of making the targets of Franklin (and Michael, usually) be unsympathetic and deserving of whatever abuse you throw their way, so it's possible to feel alright about half of the violent shit you do.

More I play the more I'm identifying with Michael, I've always skewed a few years older than myself in terms of interests and reaction, but with Michael it really works. The stuff with his family does it mostly, I had a series of text messages with his daughter that I thought really let me understand the guy and how he feels. As an outsider I saw his family as abusive dicks who didn't appreciate Michael, but as I played more I began to understand how despite how shitty they are to him, he actually cares. He does in fact want them to be happy, he just doesn't understand what it is they want (me too, it just sounds like they want him to be the scapegoat for all their miserable yuppie problems). That it bleeds through, that it makes me feel somewhat paternal, that I want to make sure Tracey doesn't get abused by assholes and that Jimmy is doing something he loves.

Amanda, though. Christ.

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@brodehouse: Amanda makes sense at the end as well but yeah totally agree with you.

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Michael. I haven't completed the game (I'm at the shitty crane mission) but he seems like the driving force of the story so far. He's the one that really gets the action going, makes the plot move forward, etc.

I enjoy Trevor's presence on-screen, but he's not my favorite character. Actually, he's the kind of character that I love to hate. He's hammy and fun to watch but at the same time, I feel like he should be dead or severely wounded at the end of the story (similar to the fate of one Ladd Russo).

Franklin is like Jacob from Mass Effect 2 in that he's an all right dude, but he's not much more than that. You could meet Franklin on the street and have a beer with him.

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@believer258 said:

You could meet Franklin on the street and have a beer with him.

Yeah, agree. Franklin is fun to be but not as a 'party member'. The only cool part about having him as an NPC on a mission is that you know he'll do his part of the job properly since they portray Franklin as your hyper-competent sidekick. It's like if they made The Green Hornet into a game.

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I really like Franklin's character.

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Trevor is probably my favourite too, much like Brad said on the Bombcast I feel like I can play in the open world the same way I would play on Saints Row's open world. Trevor also has some of the funniest dialogue and just his whole attitude to everything is great.

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He's a hipster.

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My favorite character so far is Franklin.

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I love Franklin, as a character he's consistent and understandable. A lot of people defend Trevor's complete inconsistency of character with "Well he's unpredictable", but to me his whole attitude seemed like a big deus ex machina at times; he'd seem to have this huge anti-authoritarian streak, then bend over backwards doing missions for other characters. He'd save Michael while shouting "Nobody kills you but me!" directly after leaving him to die with the Chengs. He'd play the straight man in situations where the writers wanted to highlight another crazy character, then play the crazy guy when they wanted comic relief. I never connected Trevor because I never really UNDERSTOOD him.

Franklin, though, I get him. He's not a bad guy, he just wants to get somewhere in life. He's been born in a world where crime is basically the only option, and he's making the best of that. He's also the one with the dog, so I feel some innate empathy for him.

Aside from the main characters, I thought Floyd and Wade were amazing. Floyd's horrible awkwardness is just beautiful.

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Trevor. After I switched to him and it showed him waking up in a dress on top of a mountain I knew he was the best guy for open world shenanigans. You can run around Los Santos with a jerry can lighting things on fire with him and not feel out of place.

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Franklin I guess. I'm obviously supposed to relate to him over the others.

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I think Lamar made me laugh the most but my favorite is probably Michael. To me this felt like Michael's story and you got to know him better through his family, friends, and therapist. I liked Trevor and Franklin but Michael felt like the most fleshed out character. Trevor and Franklin would probably still be where they are at the beginning of the game if it wasn't for Michael.

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Trevor is by far my favorite character. In some way he feels like the embodiment of the outsider philosophy in the form of a meth head narcissist. He's the type of guy that beats the world to the ground to give the illusion of dominance but it's all just a charade to hide his fear of abandonment, heart ache and loss. He views himself as an outcast and he choses to punch first. As someone who's been on the outside socially through suffering through bullying at school as a kid, some of Trevor's ways are completely understandable to me. He wants to be liked, but he fears people's motivations. That's why when Franklin gives a chuckle when Trevor trips on a fence, it's the end of the world for Trevor because his ego is so completely fragile. Beyond that I think Trevor has the most scenes that made me react in some way, even making me re-think how I feel about the character overall. Also, he's the only character that made the best argument for the "doing stuff as you switch character" and changing outfits when you're not there. Sometimes the way and place he starts are just down right hilarious.

Franklin is a bland selfish good guy that I can feel empathy for, but he's just not that interesting in comparison. He just doesn't feel as well realized on a personality/life level.

Michael is growing on me, but the motion capture on him is really stiff (as well as the "dead eye"/stiff face) making scenes with him feel weirdly dated compared to Trevor or Franlin), as I am starting to see more of what's building up his personality. Contrary to Franklin, I would argue he's an unselfish bad guy. But he's not someone I really identify with.

Also, Lamar is probably the one that has made me laugh most times in this game with Trevor.

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Lamar was probably one of my favorite characters, kind of wished he was a bit more involved in the story... But yeah, Michael is definitely my favorite, I spent more time with him than with Trevor and Franklin together.

@vanick said:

To me this felt like Michael's story and you got to know him better through his family, friends, and therapist.

And this, I totally felt like that too, he felt like the "mainest" characters of the three main characters.

Also first post, yay(?)

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probably wade.

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Franklin for me, I can get behind his character aside from being a criminal he seems like a stand up dude. Michael has the most going on i guess but can't relate when you whine about having money. Trevor is just a fine character to watch but i would not want to hang with the guy at all.

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I liked all three main characters in their own way. Trevor really grew on me... at first I hated him with how he did Johnny... who was a tragic figure and I was a big fan of from L&D... but he was probably doing him a favor. He looked totally methed out.

Lamar is the funniest character in the game.

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Lamar is pretty funny.

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Franklin is easily the most dependable character and the best to have around for just about anything but Michael is generally more entertaining, especially anything that relates to his terrible family and his therapist. Trevor is hilarious and had some really great moments but tends to be overdone a bit to often.

I like all 3 a lot but maybe Michael a bit more. I'd want to be Franklin though.

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Out of the playable characters I probably liked Trevor the best, but Franklin had the coolest special ability. Lamar is my favorite character in the game though, he's always funny.

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I ended up really liking Trevor and shit, even empathizing with him at times. That scene where he trips over the fence at Frank's is rough D:

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As terrible as he can be at times, Trevor takes the cake. But I do like most of the other characters as well.

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Michael and Lamar, followed by Jimmy and Dave.

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Lamar "Long Dick" Davis.

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His mom.