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So, for the heist for the FIB where you have take out the armored car, during one of the set up missions you have to find a getaway vehicle and park it in a discreet location. I went and found a super fast car, tucked it away into a little corner of a parking garage, and went on doing other side missions and such until I was ready to do the heist.

Then I find out you have to drive the garbage truck to the getaway vehicle location. The truck doesn't fit under the parking garage clearance. The next segment of the mission won't activate until the truck is on the mission objective marker.

Am I totally boned? Am I going to have to delete my 20 hour save and start over? Cause that sucks.

Has anyone else ran into this problem and managed to find a way around it?

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Can you drive your getaway car to the truck?

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I did a VERY similar thing but the truck just BARELY cleared the sign. As I was pulling up I started mumbling "fuck fuck fuck" but it just squeezed in there! What's a proper heist without some near-misses?

Hope you can figure something out.

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Can you drive your getaway car to the truck?

I don't think so. I tried this because I parked my getaway car way up some windy ass dirt road and it took me forever to get the garbage truck up there. Unfortunately, I had to drive it ALL the way up to the mission marker.

I'm not sure what the solution is here...can you restart the heist through the menu at all?

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@mb: No, what I need to reset are the heist set up missions, and when you replay a mission through the menu it doesn't save over current story progress. I spent 30 - 40 minutes last night trying everything I could to jerry rig the truck under the sign, trying to flip it over halfway and then right it inside, but to no luck. I'm going to try again sometime today, but I might have to spend this weekend resetting and catching back up.

Honestly, I would be fine with playing through everything again, because I've had a ton of fun with the game, but I have spent a LOT of extra time grinding stats and side missions, so it sucks I'll have to redo all that :/

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That really sucks dude! I always try to keep a couple of extra saves and especially always create new saves just before a big mission or a heist, but damn...your game is essentially broken at this point.

You could submit a support ticket to Rockstar...they may or may not have a solution, but at least they'll hear about it and it may be worth a shot? Here's the link, you will need to use your Social Club login:


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@ghostytrickster: have you tried blowing up the garbage truck before you reach the marker, since you end up destroying it anyways

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Damn, that treally sucks. Is it not possible to call Michael and position a new getaway car, or like Humanity said above, will it let you get away with blowing up the truck before you get to the getaway car?

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Managed to salvage the situation. There was one point outside of the parking garage that if I got right up next to, it counted it as next to the car. So I was able to finish the mission. Really glad I tried it one last time before I started over.

Thanks for the advice guys!