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I Was Wondering if i could join the guild my in-game name is Indan.4159

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Hello! I have a level 80 mesmer and I was looking to do some things with the giantbomb community.

My account name is Zeninnn.7182

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Throwing my name into the hat. I got into the overflow guild (How I Met Your Mesmer / CBSi) in the early days of release. Was hoping to "graduate" to the guild proper.

Account/Game/Duder name thing: FreeJack.2083

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Hey guys, I hit 80 not too long ago and have no-one to play with! I haven't been on giantbomb for a long -ass while, same as Gw2 for a stretch of time, but I blame real life like university and such things! But the rush is over now! And I intend on changing that :)
I have yet to do the last Story mission, (I would say it but it might be a spoiler?) I play with my friend and we cannot 2-man it! :'(
I'm on a mission to do 100% map completion too, I'm only on 48% so I'll be on a fair bit :) I'm on a hunt for Kudzu... but that's a long way coming!
I'm actually on yak's bend server because of giant bomb... mainly my main man @wunder_ ;) who I have still yet to play with ! and there's a few other duders I follow in guild wars 2... But their names/giantbomb usernames escape my mind currently.

an invite would be awesome! Omgtumbleweed.2835

Also, I don't like turkey sandwiches. I like turkey turkey turkey sandwiches.

Thanks :D

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Hey peoples, i've been hoping to join a guild since I don't have many people to play with anymore and have been a big fan of the giant bomb community for quite some time (love the p4 and deadly premonition endurance runs). I have a level 80 guardian and a few other random characters to mess around with. Thanks :D


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'Morning gents and gentlettes. I just started playing recently and am only level 21 right now, but it would be awesome to play with some fellow Giant Bomb duders. My favorite kind of sandwich involves turkey turkey turkey and muenster cheese and I would choose a knife over a bat.


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@ixaan said:

I would choose a knife over a bat.

Incorrect answer, application denied. Just kidding, your invite should be sent. Seriously though, wrong answer.

@gladiator32: Your invite should be sent as well. Welcome aboard.

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@ixaan: Never mind what Shin said, knives will always be the correct choice.

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turkey turkey, and might I add turkey.

I am mostly a forum lurker. I teach 4th grade so the time I have free I game. I listen to the bombcast on my drive to and from work. I like Giantbomb so much that I have a Giantbomb stable in my WWE13 game. Jeff and Ryan are multiple Saturday Night Slammaster Tag champs.

I've been gaming since forever. I just got into Guild Wars and some friends of mine happen to be in youre guild.

To top all of that off...I met my wife through the TAG forums...played a shitton of Gears of War with her...then we decided to date and get married. I'm legit.

Guild Wars 2 Handle: vanredd.3425

On Yak's Bend I have my awesome guardian Liarata,

I also like SWTOR and go by the name Ryter as a sith and Velnafi as a jedi if anyone also plays that. I'm a cool guy who actually likes teamwork and having fun talking about stupid shit and games.

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Bought the game a couple days ago, so far got a lvl 10 Thief, but I'm not crazy about the way that plays. I'll probably roll a few test characters, like a Ranger and a Necro, since those were my favorite classes on the first game .

I'd love to be part of the guild. Username's Atom.8659

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I just started up a few days ago and one of my best friends Capum has been in your guild for a while. He's actually turkey one of the first posters on this forum. Anyways I am going to be on a lot so I was hoping to join the party.

I'm not one of the guys that checks the website every other day like he does, but I do watch whatever he links to me and I enjoy watching quick-looks here, especially when turkey I am on the fence about a game. I'm more of a lurker on every site I go to, my only other post on this one being when I joined Capum on the Giant turkey Bomb Minecraft server.

If you'll have me, my username is MaddogDSP.6294 and I'm on Yak's Bend already.

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@madd1439: I shall vouch for this man if it matters at all. Also, shouldn't it list 2 posts? Or does it count the first as 0? I forgot how that works.

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@vanredd: @madd1439: Both invited, welcome! And while lurking is fine, don't hesitate to speak up more in-game, on the LF Mumble, and/or on the forums. There's no such thing as too many cool people to talk to.

@atom: Not every profession will click with you in the same way, but I'd advise trying each until level 15 or 20. That way, you'll have had enough time to unlock all of their weapon skills, several utility skills, and a couple of traits. One of my alts is a thief, and I didn't much enjoy playing them either until I formed a solid basis for the synergy I wanted my build to have (hint: shortbow is awesome). Also, invite sent.

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Hi, I'd love to be part of the GB guild. I've got an 80 necro and a guardian a little over halfway to 80. I'm not on your guys' server though, I'd have to convince some friends to come along.


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@guac: We have lots of folks not on Yaks Bend, your able to join in on the chat and mumble as well as any PvE stuff we do (and SPvP if someone starts a pvp night)

However, with folks who their first post is here you need to be prepared for the giant bomb community. Best to look at some quick looks or try contributing to some forum posts first. If your not one for forums just share a story of one of your favorite moments on giant bomb.

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Hey been listening to the podcast for quite some time, love it but never really got into GW2 until recently after a long stint in school. I have a quite a few characters all under 40 but I'm playing a lot now. I'm on Yak's Bend and would love to hang out and enjoy the game with some folks that just wanna have fun.


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So it'd be nice to get a group together for some regular dungeon running, that probably already exists.
I just need to do AC a lot to complete my Juggermancer, and no one ever does it.


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Hi duders, I've been a member on this site since day one and decided to pick up Guild Wars 2 a couple of days ago - I'd love to join you guys so please send an invite - KalleKovacs.9850 - character name - Bartholomew Scott. :D

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Was with the guild for the first couple months after release, but stopped playing do to burn out. It would be cool if I could be invited back.


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I'm looking to join the guild since this game is 30% off and I've been looking for an mmo to replace my on again off again addiction that was wow.

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@bemusedchunk: all giant bombers are welcome to join, what you'll need to do is post or message me your GW2 account ID <name.1234> or a name of one of your characters. Alternatively you could send me an in-game mail at Thurbleton

Just a heads up though, if WoW was your last MMO and you'd call it an 'addiction'. This MMO's endgame is different than most, while theres dungeon running it is finite. You also don't want to spend all your time in the SPvP or WvW or you'll get burnt out there too. Try to dabble in everything rather then sink into one thing and you'll enjoy the game.

Also try not to power rush levels, enjoy the zones and find events you like doing cause a lot of the endgame can be done before you reach 80.

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Hey duders, I'm somewhat new to the game (played at launch, took some time off, recently came back and am playing it quite a lot), and would love to join up with the GB community in-game; I'm already on Yak's Bend. My handle is Keres.9638.

My significant other also listens to the Bombcast regularly, has watched a ton of GB videos including the entire P4ER, etc., but doesn't have her own site account; would she need to register and post separately to be considered?

Favorite GB moment would be "anything that contains Brad Muir."

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Aforementioned ^ spousal unit here, about darned time I get an account around here anyway!

Nat Geo for Kinect is probably the best Quick Look ever, second only to Euro Truck Simulator 2. I would love to see a mash-up of the two, where I could get in front of the Xbox, and it would show me-- as a bear-- behind the wheel of an enormous semi truck, driving all over Europe to try and pick up crates of salmon. Bonus points for witty commentary from Vinny.

GW2 handle is Shoryukitty.2384. :)

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@thurbleton: Addiction was totally the wrong word to use... I was never one of those dudes who stayed up till 4am raiding - in fact, I only raided a few times with raid finder and hated it. Was more of a dungeoneer anyway. As for dabbling in everything, I totally know what you mean. I just hope WvW scratches that RvR itch that I haven't had since Dark Age of Camelot.

By the way, GW2 name: bemusedchunk.9016

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I've had the game since day 1 but haven't had much time to play until recently. Just started playing again instead of putting down money for WoW again and am glad I did. Was previously in the spill over GB guild but now that numbers have dwindled I wanted to join in with everyone who was still active. Thanks in advance.

GW2 name is : Korosuzo.2786

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Hey guys,

I've been getting back into GW2 after being on hiatus since late last year. I wasn't really able to get into the game like I was with Guild Wars so my characters are all still pretty low level. I think the reason for that is that I wasn't able to find a fun, active guild so I'd like to give the Giant Bomb guild a try. I've been with Giant Bomb since the start but mostly as a consumer of content and lurker on the forums. I'm currently on the Northern Shiverpeaks server but I'd consider switching to Yaks Bend after a bit. Hope to see you guys in game!

Username: Wake.3891

(turkey turkey turkey?)

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sup duders. i just transferred to yak's bend, and would love an invite into this fine guild.


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New to the game, but not to MMOs.

I'm mightycarrion.6753. I'm a wizard, and that shit is fucked up.

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I'm on Sanctum of Rall and just got back into the game a couple weeks ago. Can I still join? Fuzzy.3627. Turkey turkey turkey.

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@dark_lord_spam: I just bought this bad boy and am on Yak's Bend! crazyleaves.6471

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Heyo, I just recently purchased the game and would love to play with some fellow Bombardiers. I was never active much on the forums, but some of my favorite moments have been The Hockey Powder Incident, from when they had the guys from GRIN on, and another personal Fav is when Will Smith drunkenly hung out with the live cam all night from the first BLLSL. One from recent memory would have to be the entirety of the ARMA III quicklook, something about it just warms my heart.

Username: Vinderull.9506

Also, turkey turkey turkey.

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Hey Duders,

I was in the guild right at release but then disappeared for 6 months due to school.

Hoping to get reinvited to this or the How I Met Your Mesmer guild.


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username: Steele.5743

Duders, I've been a long time listener and fan of the bombcast and all the videos they produce. After taking a break from GW2 for awhile I'm looking to hop back in to the guild experience!

also turkey x 3

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Hello! I just picked Guild Wars 2 back up after having dabbled with it around launch. I'd be interested in joining the GB guild. I've been listening to the podcast since last fall and my favorite recent video (well, sort of recent) was when Vinny was in charge and they all decided to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 live. That was epic.

My character is not on Yak's Bend, but I'd still be interested in joining up if possible!


Turkey turkey turkey

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How I Met Your Mesmer seems pretty much inactive. Still a couple of people in HIMYM that are looking for a spot in the main guild though.

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I am getting back into this game after playing for about a month at launch.... an invite would be appreciated.


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username: digitaldisco.4251

Hey guys! Getting back into GW2, looking for some fellow Bombers to play with. You may know me form talking shite in the Iceland video chat, and other nonsense.


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I'm also getting back into GW2, and have actually dumped some money into it so I'll give it more time this go around (Yay for bank slots), although I still have to get over the hurdle of leveling a Mesmer. Plus I've got some friends who are playing now, although they're not Yak's Bend but thanks to Guesting that isn't a big deal.

Username: Mykander.6532

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GW2 is probably the best of MMO I've played recently and I'd like join the guild to get more out of the game. I've been in a couple of GB MMO guilds before (SWTOR and EVE currently) and they've helped make those game more fun.

Username: Pliskin.2195

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Finally got this game and will probably be adventuring around the campaign for a while as a Guardian, so any company is welcome. Also turkey turkey turkey.

Username: Dr Pongo.6713

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Hi all. I'm brand new to the game, I barely logged in and made a toon last night. I'd like to join up. I'll probably have a question or two getting adjusted to the game if you don't mind?

Azlam.2359 is my display and Oracium is my character name.

I'll be on this evening, PST. Thanks!

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Is the guild still active? I'd love to join but I don't want to pay the transfer cost if no one plays there anymore.