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After all the praise Gunpoint received throughout the "Game of the Year" festivities, I decided to give it a shot.

I don't get it. At all. The game is ok. It has some so-so humor and pokes a little fun at itself. I get the mechanics of the game and think it's "neat" at best.

Does it get really awesome towards the end of the campaign? I have like 3.5 hour or so on it and I'm wondering if I should trudge on. ABSOLUTELY NOT one of my top games of 2013.

Sort of feeling the same sentiment towards Brothers.

*Hides under a bed before being flamed for not liking Brothers*

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There's no accounting for taste as one Brad Shoemaker would say.

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@skamikaze1983: Some people like some games. Other people like other games.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy a game a lot of other people enjoyed.

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After hearing people talk about this game, i feel like i played a different one. I finished the game in about 90 mins and thought it was alright.

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@skamikaze1983: I just finished Brothers, myself. Not to completely derail this. I did what I was told and played it all at once. Game is mad short, yo. But I don't think it clicked with me the way it did other folks. Like, I mean, I really enjoyed it. It's gorgeous as fuck and some of the scenes gave me feelings close to what I had back when I played Journey. But it didn't resonate quite as much. I mean, I wouldn't have said something like "this will probably be in my top ten at the end of the year" back when it came out.

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I am really digging Gunpoint, but it just gets more and more well... Gunpoint. So, if you aren't all about Gunpoint in the time you have played, I doubt you will become pro-Gunpoint further on.

And I am not a big Brothers fan either... as well as Jeff, so not everyone is a connoisseur of the Brotherly arts.

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3.5 hours?! You should be pretty close to the end. There are only around 20 missions.

If you don't like it from the start, you probably won't like it by the end. All it does it get more complicated.

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I would rather have Gunpoint on a top 10 list than Brothers.

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I feel like it never truly goes anywhere with the hacking puzzles. By the time you get all the upgrades and the game starts throwing somewhat interesting challenges at you, it just ends.

I still liked it a lot. It's a good game that could have been outstanding.

It's also pretty funny.
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It gets worse towards the end. I really felt let down by how much it funnels you down specific play styles. It seems like it's the kind of game that's open to letting you play how you want; ultimately, that ends up not being the case. If you want to play quietly, non-lethally, and be unseen, then you're shit out of luck :(

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Well the Bomb Crew didn't nearly like GTAV as much as I did. It's all a matter of opinions and likes/dislikes. Not everyone will agree.

Plus, usually after so many people have praised a game, be it Brothers or Gunpoint or what have you, there is bound to be "didn't live up to hype" factor.

Especially Brothers. After so much talk about that game and the emotional parts of it, it's hard for anyone late to the party to experience it the same. Games like that need to be played around release. GOTY hype often waters it down.

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I found gunpoint better then brothers. And no, you don't have to like it.

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At 3.5 hours, you should already be done with the game.

Though if you don't enjoy it after that long, then I wouldn't bother playing it anymore. Or maybe you should play it, because you probably only have one or two more missions to go.

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@beachthunder: My issue is more just that the Doorcrashers just break the entire game in half, because all of the best speed runs of each level on Youtube are just "some idiot runs through the whole thing in 15 seconds because kicking down doors is super OP".

I don't think it funnels you that badly, though. It's certainly not like Portal where there is only one sequence of events that works. The gadgets and rooms are flexible enough that you can do several different things, though I never found a lot of opportunities to use the Prankspasm.

The game is kind of like Mark of the Ninja, with way less polish but better, snarkier writing. The "rewiring circuits" thing is pretty much what sets the game apart as almost a puzzle game, but even then you're still basically playing a 2D stealth game and there isn't THAT much puzzley stuff in it. I enjoyed my time with it, but I'm kinda glad it was so short, because it wasn't this amazing experience that I wanted to last forever. I definitely played quite a few other indie games this year that are better than Gunpoint. So yeah, I agree that people are overstating how good Gunpoint is. It's a solid first effort for what's-his-face, but I won't be talking about it for years to come or anything.

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I played it for like an hour which was long enough for me to realize that whatever blew everybody else's skirt up wasn't gettin' me. Which is not to say it was bad, but I feel like some people are really connecting with the mechanics in that game in a way that I totally wasn't.

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@bisonhero: Well, Portal was a straight-up-puzzle game, there's a certain level of tactics involved in Gunpoint.

For the most part, I want to play stealth games as stealthily as possible; Gunpoint allows pure stealth a lot of the time, but not all of the time, which felt really frustrating. It really felt like it didn't commit to its mechanics as much as it should have.

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Oh oh.. I bought it out of hearing all the crazy hype during GOTY. I've become savvy to hearing members of the Bombcast praise a game with fervor, as I've noticed my taste tend to differ more often than not, but something about the way Jeff gets really excited about things is infectious. Well here's hoping I'll enjoy it, wasn't too expensive.

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Yo Brothers suuucks!

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I don't know about you but it has the most fun writing of anything I've played this year. It's was wildly enjoyable from the first ten seconds. I'm not hot on Brothers at all.

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Gunpoint was alright...not top 10 material, but it was kinda fun while it lasted. Doesn't get better towards the end, though.

Oh, and Brothers sucked a HUGE bag of dicks.

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I played the demo and kinda liked it.. but it looked really tiny on my PC running in native resolution. It suggested some other res, but that looked all wrong too.

Dunno, I´m getting some strong GameMaker2000 vibes from that game. At least it doesn´t crash every five seconds like Hotline Miami did when they released it. Gunpoint kinda seems like a one trick pony from the demo. I would love it if it turned into a full fledged adventure game later on, but I guess that isn´t the case.

As to why everybody loves it so much: It was made by a former games press dude- and half the games press REALLY wants out of their jobs and start writing games/making games. Yeah, the writing/dialog is kinda clever.. but so where 80% of games from Lucas Arts back in the day.

Edit: I guess that guy is still with PC Gamer?

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"I didn't like Brothers."

All is right with the world. Brothers isn't a good game.

"I didn't get Gunpoint."

Son, you came to the wrong neighborhood.

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Remember Frog Fractions?

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That sucks.

Honestly, it's one of the best games I've played in a long time. Chalk that up to the fact that I absolutely adore noir or the fact that I've lost my taste for lengthy, difficult games... either way, I'm in love with it

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I think once you've burned out on FPS, RTS, TBS, RPGs, and other meat and potato AAA games, you start to look for different things, and I think that's what happens to some people who review games as a job, they fall in love with slight quirkiness and novelty in design or story telling.

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I enjoyed the game, however it was a bit too short and simple. I like the idea a lot and would love to see more levels. There is a level editor but I'm not sure how alive the community is. I found a site that had some levels last night but I was too tired to try any.

There are some pretty annoying bugs in the game, though. Mainly the resolution issue. It's mostly fixable by right clicking the .exe in your Steam directory, going to Properties>Compatibility>Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. Also, I had to reset levels more than once because I couldn't make a connection between two items that should have worked.

Overall, I liked it. Favorite moment: When your response options are "To Who?" and "To Whom?" The grammar Nazi in me smiled.

As for Brothers, I felt the same about it as I do with most of these super-hyped, pretty indie titles. Journey, Flower, Unfinished Swan, Brothers, etc. I like them the more I think about them later, but while playing them I'm usually fairly neutral. I'm cool with is being on the GOTY list but I wouldn't have put it there. Same with Dive Kick. Papers Please, I haven't played and I have no interest in. Looks boring as hell. Three biggest changes I'd have made to that list.

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I gave Gunpoint a chance before the year ended, but it just didn't quite click with me for some reason. I understand why Gunpoint is getting praise, but it wasn't quite good enough to make my top 10 list. As for Brothers, it's short and controlling two people can get confusing, but I really liked it.

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Had the same experience. Bought Gunpoint during the Steam sale because Jeff and especially Patrick were raving about it, can't quite see that's so amazing about it. The puzzles don't go deep enough, it's usually a matter of bypassing a door to hack into a different circuit to bypass another door to hack into another circuit. I'd have liked more puzzles like remotely activate this elevator to trigger a noise detector to trigger a light to activate a guard to walk through a metal detector to open a door.

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@themasterds said:

I would rather have Gunpoint on a top 10 list than Brothers.

I would rather have Brothers on a top 10 list than Gunpoint.


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Reporting back after having played it.

It's pretty fun. I don't know if it's Game of the Year fun, but considering that I had a hard time coming up with 10 good games I played this year for my list, much less GOTY material, I can see how it would have ended up on a list.

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Even though it's super short (the generous auto-save system contributes to this), I had a lot of fun with it, and after playing through with the developer commentary, it turns out I seemingly came across the sort-of-good ending.

Basically if you don't lie to the chief of police and continue to work with him rather than give false evidence - even though you're essentially investigating yourself - and side with Rooke rather than her husband (I think that's who it is?), if you end up using your gun in the final mission, the police reaction is delayed substantially as a weird thank you, allowing you ample time to get back up the building to finish off Gessler. Although if you hammer left click enough times you won't need to use the gun.

The writing is sharp and witty, and while some level solutions may be a bit too straightforward, I would have preferred a cooldown on certain gadgets over a finite resource of batteries, as I hardly ever used prankspasm or the gun rewiring. That way there'd be more of a penalty time-wise, rather than a "oh shit I didn't mean to wire those two things, oh great now I'm out of batteries".

Also, kicking a door into a man into a window and him falling to his death is fun. I'm really curious to see if it'll finally come to steam workshop and subsequently spawn a host of user-generated levels.