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Poll: Are you excited for Halo 5? (39 votes)

Yes, I'm still excited! 28%
No, I'm not too excited 72%

So, I haven't played Halo 4. And I don't think I'm ever going to, unless I go to my friend's house. My Xbox red-ringed a while ago, and I've played most all the Halos; my last were Reach and ODST.

So, I don't know the ending for H4, and I don't really wanna know. ~ All I know, is that H4 got to be a little more like CoD. Just, this weird mix of run-n-gun, and technicality. ~ The jumping, running, and shooting elements, are all just different from Reach. And truthfully, I think they need to differentiate themselves from Destiny to compete.

  1. They gotta stay different from Destiny, somehow
  2. They gotta out-CoD, CoD sales-wise

As it is, CoD is stepping up its game, this year w/ CoD: Ghosts. Its kinda funny though, because that's what CoD does every year anyway. Every year, they is on a 'nother level. Activision kinda just stuffs R&D money into it, until a game is new. ~ They payed out that money for Blops 2 writer, David S. Goyer, who wrote The Joker character from The Dark Night, and all that Batman stuff.

Anyway, Destiny is stepping up its game this year.

So, its usually just, we'll see E3 time. But, I don't think they'll take time for a Halo 5 teaser this year, as H4 is still out. DLC is still coming out. ~ And they still gotta pimp their new wares and bulletpoints.

For what its worth, I think Halo: Forward unto Dawn thing did extremely well in the film community. They gotta throw money into more weird things like that. ~ I think they need to put out another anime. Another film thing, but I guess cram out some books. [I really want a Destiny book. AND THAT SOUNDTRACK.]

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I found Halo 4 to be really disappointing so I guess... no? I don't know. I'll be curious to see how far the next game goes down the direction that Halo 4 did.

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I think Microsofts other new studio will be the big game for the publisher at e3 this year and there's no point getting excited about a project we know absolutely nothing about. Oh and Destiny isn't coming out this year so it certainly isn't stepping up the game this year in anyway shape or form.

Edit: Research and Development for Call of duty? You sound a little crazy to me.

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I thought that Halo 4 was the best Halo yet. The story was actually meaningful and they made me care about the characters, even Chief. It was the only Halo that actually had emotion, it looked fucking beautiful, played excellent, and the online is really fun. I'm looking forward to it. I was fearful of this franchise because I hated 2 and 3, Reach was great, and then 4 came out and now Halo is back.

So yeah I'm excited.

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While I think Halo 4 did play it too safe on a lot of counts, it was a great game, and I thought 343 brought things to that game that Bungie just wouldn't have. I'm happy going for a while longer without a new Halo though; I've had my fill from the story mode for now, and the multiplayer is still engaging enough to me that I don't need to start jumping into a new one any time soon.

I don't think Halo 5 needs to be that different from Destiny to compete with it, Halo is just too wildly popular, but of course it would be the best thing for us if those are two rather different games. What exactly "Being different from Destiny" means is still to be seen though, as we don't have a real idea of what Destiny is yet.

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I'm not that excited, don't get me wrong I enjoy the halo series and will most certainly get 5 (if I can afford whatever the next xbox will be) but I don't feel particularly interested in where this new storyline is going.

I found the whole Cortana side of things the real reason for me to be pushing forward with the campaign (that and how pretty it all looked) rather than the forerunner stuff, if they do a MGS4 type thing where it's basically pushing there is no place for these old soldiers like Masterchief that they kind of started to develop a little through the game and sort of start moving his character that way then that could be interesting. Alternatively it would be worryingly easy for them to just ignore that side of things and just go with the whole chosen one must kill the forerunner king or whatever and forget about that more personal side of things but I hope not.

Multiplayer I'm not so fussed about, I'll give a go now and again but my friends have either stopped playing games or go elsewhere now so unless they do something radically different than the standard FPS I'm too bothered where Halo goes in that direction.

I hope 343 were kind of playing it safe with 4 like people have suggested to calm those who would panic about the transition to them and that they'll get to mix things up a bit more with this one, I guess we'll just have to see.

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Not especially. Halo 4 was okay, but it just didn't push as far as it should. If they can actually develop the antagonist more though, and introduce some interesting set pieces(which they have always been kind of crappy at), plus a better story, I could get more excited.

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Nope, haven't really cared about Halo since 2 disappointed. Still played them through CE Anni but that was mainly from peer pressure thinking I would play multi with them, which like always I never do after the first few days. Since I don't live near them anymore I skipped out on 4 and haven't cared since.

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Not really. I loved Halo 4 but the series will never revive the spark Halo 3 had for me.

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I like Halo but the series is really going to have to do something different than "oh noes sad master chief so sad" to rope me back in after 4.

And then they're going to release a trailer showing off all the new shit you can do with forge and I'm going to throw my money at the game again. And play it for a week. And be disappointed I spent $60 on the game again because everybody stops playing custom games after the first week.

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Well, I sure hope they help David Ellis think of something good for Spartan Ops H5.. I mean, that's kinda the only thing that can keep people interested, other than Multiplayer.

@morbid_coffee:No one plays custom?! Wow... H3 had crazy customs, random people inviting you to this obnoxiously strange party, made with spawns to shotty-kills.. Weird..

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Nope. I've liked all the Halo games (except ODST) up until 4 which totally lost me. After a couple of hours I turned it off and I don't intend to return.

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If Halo 4 is any indication, no I'm not excited at all.

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Every Halo game that came out before Halo 4 I played for at least 100 hours in the multiplayer. Halo 4 I played maybe 20 and then quit cold turkey and haven't touched it again. So no, I'm good.