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The new map pack came out today, thought I'd let duders know.

3 Maps, all more arena style maps, with more of an enfasis on close quarters and more competitive play. I will say that this seems like pretty high quality release, and if you want a reason to get back in you should pick this up.

So far they play really well, they have more definite weapon drops, are more focused and they look great!



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Hmm.. I paid for these damn things but I feel really apathetic about actually loading up Halo 4 now. I wish I still cared. =(

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Those sure look like Halo.

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Those sure look like Halo.

They play like it too, go figure.

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Played 1 round around 6:00am, Yup still good at Halo after not playing from a while.

Landfall's Skybox is OUT OF THIS WORLD. there HUGE ASS battle going on.

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These maps are giving me a real Halo 2 vibe, it's pretty great, and they are actually making the BR viable too! Quite enjoying them so far.

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Thanks for the heads-up, I thought the maps would release on Tuesday. I'm still playing the hell out of Halo 4.

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Cool. But no actual BTB maps, huh. :(

Did they raise the cap lvl also big_jon? And achieves I'm sure like the last DLC right?

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I need MS points for this and that ultimate game sale that starts tomorrow. I wish I wasn't so broke.

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@pweidman: No level cap raise as far as I know? But I was one of the guys who got the limited edition, so I was a 130 pretty quick, not sure if the last two specializations are still locked or not, and yeah there are new Achievements, 250pts worth.

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I downloaded the maps and played a couple matches this afternoon. Really enjoy them and I also get a Halo 2 vibe from some of the maps. My only problem I have is that I do not have anyone to play it with and it got frustrating to play a those matches because of it being a team that played together.

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@cyrus_saren: You can add me if you like, I may not always have a mic in, but I will play a bit with you.

GT: Zealotsangheili