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Hearthstone can have some hard swings, especially in the Arena, and whether due to a mistake or sheer cunning, the board can end up looking quite absurd. I thought there might be enough photographic evidence to populate a thread - so share your stories and pictures here!

I'll contribute with this little gem of Avenging Wrath gone wrong:

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This looks like every other screenshot of Hearthstone I've ever seen...I wish I could play this game already if only to figure it out.

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I could have sworn I built an aggro deck o_O

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@starvinggamer: Doomguard is in the control decks typically, not the aggro decks, Rag is usually too slow for how ridiculously fast warlocks are.

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@fredchuckdave: This screenshot is 1.5 months old, metagame was quite different.