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With Blizzard's newly announced DCG, Hearthstone, picking up some buzz, I thought I might as well bring your attention to another in-development F2P DCG called SolForge.

SolForge was Kickstarted last September and is being developed by Stone Blade Entertainment, formerly known as Gary Games, the designers of the popular deck-building game Ascension, with the assistance of Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. There is currently a free demo out on iPad that includes two demo decks and four purchasable starter decks for players to get acquainted with the game.

They're ramping up for a beta release on PC (can't do betas on iOS) sometime soon, and are planning for an eventual release on iOS and PC, with Android coming at a later date. Of course your collection will be linked to your SolForge account so your cards will sync between platforms as long as you have an internet connection.

As someone who has sunk far too much money into games like MTG I must say, the ability to get in on the ground floor fora game with as much potential as SolForge is incredibly exciting. Also the fact that the game is digital means I'll be able to play it whenever I want, where ever I want, with minimal investment. And since games only last 10-15 minutes, it should be easy to pepper it into my schedule. I probably sound like a shill at this point, but I have no stake in this game outside of the fact that the more players there are, the better the experience will be for everyone.

If you have any interest in TCG/DCG's then I'd go over to their site to check it out and download it on iPad if you have one. Again, the demo with two decks is free and when the eventual full-release happens, you'll be able to earn every card in the game simply by playing it so you have nothing to lose other than a little bit of your time. The rapid draw, reshuffle, style of play removes lots of the annoying variance found in similar games (manaflooding anyone?) and the unique level-up mechanic for the cards grants decks an incredible range for strategy.

Go! Get it now!

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*coff* bump for the morning crowd, then I'm gone *coff*

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After reading that Richard Garfield played a role in this game's creation, I am immediately going to check it out.

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It's fun. Although prepare for about 2-3 days of getting your ass kicked until you get some decent cards. Unless you buy packs of course.

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Nice try DREW you can't fool me.

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Solforge is pretty cool. Love the art and the level up mechanic. Just started playing Scrolls by Mojang. It's another great digital TCG I'm really loving it. anyone interested in Hearthstone or Solforge should really check it out. Though unlike Solforge or Hearthstone it's got an entry fee of $20. Though Mojang is doing the same minecraft business model so $20 is the for now price and will go up the more complete it gets. But for $20 it feels pretty complete. There is a micro transaction aspect but it's all cosmetic. Mojang have said ininterviews about how they are being very careful how they implement microtransactions. You can't even buy boosters with real money just the in game gold you get for playing matches and completing challenges. You can buy,trade and sell cards for gold manipulating demand for certain cards and what not.

I feel like some stupid spokesperson now but I don't see a lot of talk about this one and I think anyone who likes Solforge would be right at home with the lane based card gameplay Scrolls has.

Here's the trailer so people can at least see what its like.

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@omega: that looks pretty cool and the pay once, get the full thing always sits right with me and if the cosmetic stuff is anything like DOTA i don't mind sinking a few bucks in here and there. thanks for the heads up wasn't even aware this was anywhere near done.

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Scrolls still has card unlocks just like solforge. Currently I'm liking Solforge more - as a game. There's just not a lot to do in Solforge. I need some kind of ranking or something to keep playing.