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Any lucky beta duders who wanna challenge me to a card-off or be challenged by fellow card-enthusiasts, leave your blizzard/battle.net name and number (and BMI, for statistical purposes) below!

Mine is: Fredddi43#2470

Edit: Thanks to @forcen for mentioning the region lock, so you should post your Region too. I'm in Europe.

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Might want to say what region you are in, the game is hella region locked.

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@fredddi43: If you want to give me a beta key, I'll play you, but unfortunately, after the last few months of waiting, I'm more convinced than ever that Hearthstone is actually a mass delusion and there is no real beta going on.

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@fredddi43: Sent you a friend request, although right now all I play is SolForge.

I'm Starving#1849

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@truthtellah: Yeah, this whole thing is a hoax and Hearthstone is only a codeword for something else with a 3 in it, and this thread is about trying to find fellow testers who are "in" on the "truth".

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Having fun with the game, always feel free to add me. :)

Empty#1850 NA

Anyone that opted in to the beta but still hasn't been sent a invite, be sure to check your whole inbox! For it to be in the promotions tab in gmail is a common one people miss. Since anyone that signed up prior to 12/16 should have received a invite now.

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Id love to play but I still haven't gotten my key yet, I guess im gonna be waiting until the open beta at this point

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I literally just got in right now and am downloading it as I type.

Nux#1192 NA

Feel free to add me and I'd love to battle you guys!

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Also, just got my key today so I can guarantee I will suck. But add me if anyone wants to play.

XCEagle#1320 in NA.

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I'm in the NA region at GorillaMo#1960


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Anyone that opted in to the beta but still hasn't been sent a invite, be sure to check your whole inbox! For it to be in the promotions tab in gmail is a common one people miss. Since anyone that signed up prior to 12/16 should have received a invite now.

Yuppppppp. Still mad about how bullshit that fucking gmail update was. Ruined all my inboxes and kept sending things to the wrong ones; turns out I got into the beta back in fucking October but it went into the Promotions tab (like a bunch of other important shit) so I never saw it. Happened to check the promotions tab today and there was a "HEY MAYBE YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT LAST EMAIL BUT YOU'RE IN THE BETA BRO" email from Blizzard and I raged (and also finally figured out how to send everything to one inbox again).

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I'd love more people to play against. I still only have decks constructed with basic cards since I don't have enough expert cards to make better decks, but my collection is slowly growing each time I play Arena.

I'm on the NA server. periahdark#1477

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I'm downloading the client right now. I did get an email last night about finally getting into the beta, but I forgot that I had gmail set to mark emails from Blizzard as read.

Moderator Online
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@periahdark: @gorillamopena: @xceagle: @nux: I sent invites to all you guys

I've been playing for a couple of months now so I've unlocked some better cards, but my decks still aren't amazing or anything (I still get owned most of the time when I play ranked at around level 17/18 because my decks just can't compete)

If anyone wants to play I'm Bakoomerang #1245 (NA Server)

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Battle Net Name is MaZZM #1131 I don't know where yall are getting these # numbers from

NA Server

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@bakoomerang: Awesome. I'll probably log in later tonight or tomorrow to accept.

@mrmazz: Battle Net tags aren't unique without the number at the end. To add someone you need the number, which you can find next to your name when you open your friends list in game.

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@periahdark: thanks I've edited the prior comment with correct information now

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Yay, got an invite today.

Add me if you want. Tennmuerti#2909

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NA server.

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Feel free to add me. Have had the beta since mid december so I've got most of the cards, but I don't mind dropping cards to equal out budgets if necessary. Also don't mind teaching people the game or helping with deck building! I'm NA server by the way. HalfwayThere#2934

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mosha#1687 (NA server) feel free to add me for Hearthstone and all other Battle.net games

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Hi everyone! You can add me on Hearthstone and, since I've only just started in the last two weeks, you can get some easy wins, too. ha. ;)


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I just downloaded it and beat the tutorial... Now I'm getting destroyed by real players :)

Feel free to add me: JaredLeon#2697

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For those just starting out, I'd recommend trying out these decks made from the basic 20 cards you unlock by Level 10 of each class!

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Started playing this not too long ago and am completely addicted.

Still not very good though, so keep that in mind!

Anyone who wants to play with a novice, feel free to add me: BugPoppa#1551

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Signed up for the beta in December and have been addicted ever since. Hardly even touched my new consoles :(

Feel free to add me!

BattleID: dgtlty

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I've been playing since the launch of the open beta (so not very long) but I have watched many hours on Youtube of Totalbiscuit and, more recently, Trump. I'm totally hooked. Feel free to add me. Kikuchiyo#2289

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@truthtellah: why do none of those decks use any 1 creatures? based on those examples, I've been building my decks all wrong.

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@kidavenger: It can be difficult to get value out of neutral 1-drops, especially against Mages, Rogues, and to a lesser extent, Paladins. And most of the 1-drops I would consider using in a deck aren't creatures I would normally play on turn 1. Also keep in mind that all of the decks @truthtellah: posted are more midrange since they're using the limited pool of basic cards. 1-drops are obviously much more important in aggro decks where that early tempo matters.

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@kidavenger: 1 drops are basically a warlock/sword of justice paladin exclusive, except for class specifics and maybe a hunter all-face deck.

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@truthtellah: why do none of those decks use any 1 creatures? based on those examples, I've been building my decks all wrong.

As StarvingGamer said, those are more mid-range decks based on solely the basic cards. There are some 1 creatures you get from packs that can be more useful. As he explained, that's something more for you to find as you refine your decks and get more cards. These are nice for going with the basic cards all players will get.

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feel free to add me: UberX#1971 (NA)

still learning and would enjoy practicing with some duders.

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Now that Hearthstone is on iPad and it's exploding in the social media this forum should have a good and proper battle tag exchange thread like so many other big games have. Either it should be this topic perhaps modified to have a list in the first post or a new topic should be created.

If anyone wants to be Hearthstone buddies I'm TheMasterDS#1719. Rarely in the mood for a game but if you ever have a particularly close win you want to gurgle I'd be down to listen. Personally that's what I want out of a Hearthstone friend, someone to tell about the real close ones.

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Hey bombers. Just got started on this thing. Would be cool to play some other newbies. I'm Squidboss#1134.

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Feel free to add me:
I'm Lumley#2883 (EU)

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@crocbox: Whoops, I thought your friend request was from someone I didn't know. Send it again if you want!

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If anyone wants to play, I'm twitterwoods#1845. Lots of aggro (Warlock and Warrior aggro mostly) while I try to get the legendaries needed to move into control.

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NA Region, ID of Asmo917#1312.

My style is "I dunno, maybe this deck won't suck."

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Europe / NA DonMFJohnson#2391. Paladin playstyle seems cool so far, gimme more dudes!

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Region: NA

ID: NXplosion#1369

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NA CoruptedEvil#1132

I kinda suck but I play MTG aswell so I shouldn't be TOO bad.

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NA region

Battle ID: StormWolf34

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Sessh #2878

I'm mostly playing a mage control deck, but have recently started experimenting with a priest and a warlock deck. Missing a lot of cards I'd want in every of those decks though, still. So effectiveness varies wildly.

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@suikoden352: you can't be added without your 4 digit number aswell

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I would love to have someone to play against from time to time. My battle ID: dantey#2310 Europe

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I'm v6c#1417 (NA)

I'm beginning and kinda okay at this game, feel free to add me i'm always up for a match

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I'm kertwang#1846 in NA. Looking for some friendly games, always up for a match. Wondering how my deck will hold up to the likes of this crew.

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SolidJackal #1616 NA (I think that is right),

Any active players? add or let me know so I will add you.