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What's your rank?

Also, what is the highest rank you've attained?

My current rank is the same as my highest: 13. I'm actually winning a lot lately even though I barely altered my deck (a versatile Shaman). I think I might hit 12 at some point in the future. Funny story: I still suck in the Arena. Getting 3 wins on average. Sometimes even 0.

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I'm currently at rank 13 and my highest rank is either 13 or 12. As for my arena play, the highest number of wins is 10. I was pretty lucky to get that number of wins. I usually average about 3-4 wins before being booted out of arena.

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I'm currently rank 13. My highest was 7 (when I was drunk one night). My average was about 10.

My current rank right now a product of my own doing. I've been playing Warrior since January and recently got it to rank 60. I want the golden icon but still have 250 ranked wins to go. Aggro Warrior in the current meta isn't viable past rank 12, but control Warrior is . Unfortunately, the games just take such a long time (especially mirror matches) and while that's fine if you need XP, I need me some quick and dirty wins. I switched to the worst class in the game (Priest) with the intent on it tanking my rank so I could mash out some quick wins at lower levels. However, I've since figured out how to play priest and my rank has climbed accordingly.

I suck at arena. I usually get 2 or 3 wins. My best is 7.

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11 but havn't got any higher than gold in the arena.

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3 star masters

I averaged like 6.5 wins or something before the 12 win patch; got 12 wins on my first arena run after that and more or less retired from everything but daily quests and games with buds.

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@c0v3rt said:

I suck at arena. I usually get 2 or 3 wins. My best is 7.

You have the exact same results as I do. I usually get around 2-3 wins, my personal record is also 7.

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Last time I played I was hovering around 20.

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I'm rank 7 right now. About a week ago I was up at 5 and felt I'd hit a ceiling so I decided to change my deck pretty radically to try and up my win rate. After a frankly alarming initial drop as I adjusted to the new deck I'm now working my way back up again. I'm optimistic that I can get past 5 by the end of the month.

edit - in case anyone is interested: I used to play watcher druid, now I'm trying my hand at token druid. Most matchups seem to have improved or stayed the same, but it's even more hopeless against Handlock than my old watcher deck was. Still tinkering with it.

And since people have mentioned Arena scores: 4-7 wins is pretty standard for me. I had one 12 win arena run with a mage deck.

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right now im rank 17 with 30 wins. but it goes up and down like crazy since my deck is sorta bad due to lack of the right cards, bad luck on draws and other people owning me from time to time. the best rank i have done is 15 and that was due to 6 wins in a row then i got quickly picked off again with a row of bad matches ( and by bad matches i mean they were way better then me)
but then again my deck is not build for being a winning deck more for fun. like using the opponents cards against/minions against them.
i play a priest. and there is nothing more satisfying of doing a dick move.
one watch was my playing my lightspawn, and ended my turn he/she did not kill it. so the next round i played the coin power word: shield twice, double spirit twice making my light spawn making it a 36/36 silence his/her taunted minion and then do direct attack

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Twenty or greater.

Bronze league superstar

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I dunno, 16? I only play ranked for dailies when I can't complete them by playing Arena.

And I suddenly am really bad at Arena so now I think I'm probably around a 5-win average

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@itwongo: It should be noted that "skill" in Starcraft 2, though mostly about endless repetition and almost not at all about creativity, is still fundamentally skill. Whereas in Hearthstone it's basically all research and perseverance outside of a handful of players (say 10% of the people who have ever gotten Legendary + certain Arena players), so the breaking point is simply effort instead of a combination of effort + competence.

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I'm currently rank 15, with my best rank so far having been a brief 11.

Best arena result was a 9 and I average 3-4 wins there.

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I've been hovering at rank 17 for a few days due to some amazing winning streaks followed immediately by amazing losing streaks.

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Never beat 15 personally

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Now that the June[Edit: May - June has just started] series has ended, I thought I'd pop back here and say what I've achieved so far. I had planned to comment here earlier but I was on a winning streak when I saw it and wanted to see how far I could get. Usually I get around Rank 13 so I was very pleased with this season with my highest to date at:

Rank - 9 (I made it to 8 once, just, but popped back down afterwards immediately - then I stopped playing and the season ended; so I might be able to do better than that)

Highest Arena Run - Molton Key - 11 wins (actually went 11:0 but then lost 3 in a row the first time - I've made it to 11 at least one other time as well). I usually get around 6 wins, though I'm generally happy with 3 or more wins (1:1 win:loss) and when I get 7 or higher I'm very happy (with anything over 9 being amazing).

I found a slow patch with this game but at some point I got over it. Seems like my playing for so long finally reached to the point where I've got a diverse range of cards/decks that I enjoy playing with (and increased skill in the game as well as picking cards in Arena). It's very fun.

Hopefully I will eventually get the 12 win Arena run and get to a higher Rank than 8 (though I doubt I'll ever get to Legendary just because I like switching my decks around a lot and trying out different classes; so I don't keep up on any specific meta-game class-decks to stand a chance against the best).