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I would personally like a excuse on one level to be heavily armoured and have a mini gun. (Terminator 2/ GTA V style)

Just cause you are so damn vulnerable all the time. Other than that I just want more Hotline Miami...

What about you guys?

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More music.

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All the M.O.O.N. All of it.

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Because he's a pig, right?

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1. Mappable controls. This is really a console thing. Countless times I've died because the default controls just don't work for me and there's no excuse for the game to not let you change the mappings.

2. Better distraction methods. I don't want to have to literally be spotted to force the enemy to start moving, or shoot off a gun and alert everyone.

3. Improved scoring system. I get the game wants me to go balls to the wall with guns blazing, but when it comes to getting A+ ranks, I had to do tedious exploits. If I want to be Sneaky McStabby, it would be nice for some bonuses on alternative play-styles. e.g., guns only, no weapons, stealth only, etc.

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To smack me full on, straight in the face with balls to the wall, banging techno and violence again. Possiay with a slight change to the art somehow, keeping the reto vibe.

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