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I signed up at KnowYourPower.com last week because I heard that you get karma in the game for doing it. Just got this in the mail today. The first two aroma cards smell like burnt wood. The 3rd one I can't smell at all.

Instructions and Smell Test Cards
"Ocular Stimulation Cards" ...and a sticker
Postcards. Actual post cards that you can mail.

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I meant "EnjoyYourPower.com" Could a mod edit my original post?

Scans. Large pics.

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This is pretty cool. Kind of wish I knew about this sooner. Thanks for sharing the photos and scans.

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My test results. Spoiler block for showing the name of a power type I don't think they've talked about yet.

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Concrete is a weird ass super power.

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Fuck. I thought you wrote you highlighted the power off. That's going to suck if that's a power he gets because now I'd know. I think he gets that. FUCK. Or it could be the power that the DUP soldiers use. Please be that!

On topic, I did the same thing last week. I didn't think something would actually come though. The aroma cards smell fucking AWFUL. Still pretty cool that they actually sent that though.

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i signed up for it too. haven't gotten anything yet. Hope i get something.

Live in the eu though