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I was already sold on that game but what they show in this trailer looks really fucking cool. Flash is being attacked by a shark! Need I say more?

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Man. That's some boring-ass superhero voice acting.

Also: that new Flash costume looks fucking dope.

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I like his really over-the-top outfit. Also giant crab invasion confirmed.

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Is that a Sinestro Corps member at 0:23 or a skin for Hal?

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That is Hal with a yellow ring on. An earlier trailer showed Batman confronting him and then later...putting the ring on himself?

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Superman's already the main villain in this, practically.

Really digging Aquaman's look here. I didn't honestly expect him to make it into this game, or if he did, only as DLC, but they seem to have done a good job making him sufficiently badass to fit in well. Fighting with a trident is always awesome.

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I had a guy rape me so bad using Aquaman last night it makes me not want to play the game anymore. This guy was sick. I barely got a hit in. No spamming just combos and moves. Didnt even exploit the environment or super moves. Why is it when playing against the AI I can wreck shop and feel like a badass but get online and its like the characters dont control the same and I start just frantic button mashing????

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It's the pressure bro.