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Been trying to get into the PS3 version since launch, but I'm finding the netcode to be generally pretty unreliable. I'm playing on the West coast with a 50 MBPS connection and when I look through a player list in a room, it's all 0-2 bar pings. I know Netherealm games are rather big in the midwest/ east coast and I might not be having any luck with local players, but it's kind of ridiculous. And even when I do play well online and win a match or 2, I just wonder how badly the other guy is lagging. I can usually tell by how quickly he selects "Quit" instead of "Rematch".

Does anyone else have similar problems? Is the 360 regarded as having better netcode?

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General consensus is that it's somewhere between "silky-smooth" and "unplayable," which, by default, means the netcode is better than Mortal Kombat's.

Some of it might very well be a function of the time of day you're playing and against whom you are matched. Pretty sure the matchmaking isn't region-locked, so if you're playing well into the night you might very well be hitting international traffic.

Also, the speed at which someone opts between quitting and reupping is a categorically poor indicator of someone's latency. You're way better off gauging from the relative speed of the character select screen.