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Might as well kick this thread off with this game. Sabin of Team Spooky is streaming some 1v1 right now. You guys can get a look and see the game at a higher level of play. Also this is the full game, not the demo.


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Thanks, now I have wasted 2 and 1/2 hours watching them play.... I should really be working.

I wish they would change characters once in a while...... 40 or so matches with Black Adam....

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I dunno what it is. This game compels me the same way MK9 did even though im not much of a fighting fan and will probably only play it for a week or two (same as MK9) I think i'm just enamered by the fact that the game looks very fun and engaging (same as MK9) and has a robust amount of content (same as MK9) yet im still gonna buy it knowing i'm never gonna master it (same as Mk9)

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PerfectLegend's been streaming today.


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Tonight is a special edition version of Wednesday Night Fights. Tonight they are going to be playing Injustice all night. If you want to see some high level play, here is your chance.


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Civil War is the first major to feature Injustice, check the schedule to see what points it's on this weekend:


Times are local to Richmond, Virginia

Saturday April 20
“Singles Pools”
10AM-Doors Open
10AM-12PM Continuation/Finish up of Team Events
10AM-12PM Badge Pickup & Emergency Registration (Badge Pickup will be available until 7pm)

12PM- SG, DOA, KOF, ST Character Lock Tourney





5PM SFxT, TTT2 Cont.

6PM- P4A, ST Ratio Tourney


8PM- P4A Cont.

9PM-UMVC3 Cont.IJ:GAU Cont.

GG, BB, DOA, SG will all be finished Saturday.

Sunday 4/21

“Semi Finals/Finals (Tentative)”

10AM P4A Top 4 or 6 (Main Stream), KOF Top 4 or 6 (Stream 2)

11AM MK9 Top 4 (Stream 2), ST Double Elim Tourney

11AM-TTT2 Top 6 or 8 (Main Stream)
12pm AE Semi Finals (Stream 2)
2pmUMVC3 Semi Finals (Stream 2)

2pm IJ:GUA Top 8 (Main Stream)
4pm SFxT Top 6 or 8 (Main Stream), ST FInals (Stream 2)
6pm SFAE 2012 Top 8 (Main Stream)
8pm-11pm UMVC3 Top 8 (Main Stream)

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