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I'm able to look at it from the main menu but once I'm in the online section it just says retrieving hero card. I think I saw someone else having an issue and was curious if its more wide spread.

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It takes a while, but mine will usually load up after a dozen seconds or so. I'm on PS3 if that matters.

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@mpgeist: Im also on ps3, let it sit for about 5 minutes and still nothing. Not a terrible issue but I would still like to pull it up

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Servers have been wonky since launch, may take some time to access it.

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Nope, it always loads indefinitely.

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Nope, it always loads indefinitely.

Same. I can however look at other peoples just not... mine.

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@fluxwavez said:

Nope, it always loads indefinitely.

Same. I can however look at other peoples just not... mine.

Yeah same here. Weird and mildly annoying, but it'll probably be fixed.

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Wont work while online, I get kicked out every time. I would love to see my truskill rating.

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I hat the same issue, but for whatever reason it seems to be working fine now. (360)

Now I'm just annoyed that I'm listed to have disconnected 5 times, when I never did even once. I even let a guy pound on me, while I was answering my door yesterday.

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I also have this problem, hope it gets fixed fast.

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Quick bump to see if people are still having issues. I'm on ps3 and got to my hero card once but since then I haven't been able to retrieve it.

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@sackmanjones: You did!? IMPOSSIBLE! Granted I guess I haven't tried all that often; it is odd to be playing a mostly online game that doesn't have perpetual patches; I guess the difference between consoles and PCs (though AC3 had a fair number of early patches by comparison).

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Played the other night for a bit and no dice still for me. Dunno what is up.

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Mine doesn't load either.