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Hi guys,

So I am playing Injustice on the 360 and every time it starts up, I get to play it for about 10 seconds then my whole xbox freezes. I tried other disc games to see if the xbox wasn't reading the discs properly but the other ones seem to work fine. Injustice was working fine too up to this point, I got it this week. I am installing it now to the hard drive to see if that fixes the problem. Has anyone else have this problem and if so, what have you done to fix it? Thanks!

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I think it should be good now. Installing it didn't fix it but I cleared the cache and that did it. So do that if you need help.

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Fixed is it? Because I was going to say check your disc and see if there was any issues with it. Could have been a bum disc.

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@demoskinos: Yea it is all good now. Clearing the system cache did the trick.

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@noobsauceg7: did you find a way cause mines doing the same thing but with the scorpion combo

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@injucticeplayer: My problems were solved by clearing the consoles cache. Hope that helps

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