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So I only got a few hours in last night most of which was practice because I had to take apart my stick and screw the X-button back into place BUT my early favorite is Harley Quinn.

Played a few matches online and got wrecked but she seems to be my favorite so far. I might have to go mess with Hawk Girl some more she seemed interesting with her flight ability. Also wanna try out catwoman as she seems like a good speedy character.

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I like Flash a bit because he's got what amounts to Kabal's Nomad Rush and no one is ever blocking in this game. Only problem is I'm not really getting a ton of combo potential out of his normals, but that might just be me. His superpower actually is useful to turn tides.

Speaking of turning tides, also found some success with Aquaman. He's got great range with the spear, a great low hit with the scoop, big projectile, another special that is very active with a great hitbox.

From what I hear though, Batman is pretty much Ken. I've also seen a lot of Black Adam. His little globes can be frustrating, he's got a seeking low hit projectile which is great to punish anyone who can't or doesn't tech up... It's too bad he's so bland otherwise.

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Is the balance in this game really as horrendous as it seems? On the quick look it looked like Deathstrike (don't know the DC characters well, sorry if I messed it up) could just zone people all day and it was very hard to get in on him. Same with Green Arrow. I'm definitely interested in this game (looks like an amazing deal of fun), but while balance isn't a deal breaker, it'd be nice to know about ahead of time.

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Not playing, but I'm rooting for Aquaman to be god-tier just for the irony of it all.

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It's hard to say, there are definitely less teleport punches and the usual ninja stuff you see in Mortal Kombat. I haven't seen any projectile reflection moves a la Nightwolf but I'd have to imagine they're there. There are some characters who have air dashes (WW, Hawkgirl), so that could help clearing the distance.

One of the weird things is that low block is done merely by pressing down, not down-back, which eliminates any low or mid crossups. Still leaves you open to overheads but that's how it usually is. Worth seeing how that plays out.

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@sinusoidal: but it would be fitting if he were the Dan of the game.

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Of everyone I've played, I've enjoyed Doomsday and Green Lantern the most. Still early though so that'll probably change.

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Really liked Nightwing has his two batons and his long stick giving him range if you're on the defensive and need the space. He's also quick enough to where you can get in close on range opponents. Would also like to learn Flash since he was my favorite in DC vs. MK.

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Man,so many nightwings online. Is it just me or is he the "Scorpion" in terms of popularity?

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I figured Bats would be, especially since he's cleary pretty high tier.

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You would think so but I've ran into a ton of Nightwings. Could just be my luck though.

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I've only seen one nightwing online besides myself

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Bane for me. I like rushing for grapples and he's got some pretty simple dial-a-combos that can bleed into special moves without dropping said combo. Also I really, really enjoy his Super.

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probably gonna try doomsday, cause of this

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Playing through the story mode first and getting a feel for many of the characters. Im feeling most comfortable with Batman and remember really wrecking people with Aquaman. (who would have thunk it, Aquaman: a bad ass) Greet Arrow was also an easy to pick up and feel proficient.

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The Flash

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@hiimrocktimus: There are a lot of spamming Deathstrokes online, but it might just be the usual case of learning certain characters' quirks and once you do, it's easy to avoid their tactics.

Looking to main the Flash.

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I'm the kind of person who changes characters every time, simply for the variety, but (bearing in mind that I've only played the story characters plus Nightwing so far) I'd go with Nightwing and Joker if I ever felt the urge to take my incompetence online.

Nightwing's combos make me feel like I almost know what I'm doing, and Joker's just really fun.

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I've only messed around in story mode and a few minutes in practice but I kinda like Joker and Raven

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If you're looking to jump straight to the best characters, you guys will want to play either Green Lantern or Aquaman. Both of them are really fucking ridiculous compared to the rest of the cast. Raven and Flash are second best, with Raven being slightly better.

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I've only really messed around in practice so far, but right now I'm liking Raven, Sinestro, and Grundy the most.

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I haven't gotten the game yet but it' probably going to be the flash since he looks really fun to play as and I love rushdown. Two other canditates are Harley Quinn or the Joker. Has anyone been messing around with him? He is one of the few characters where I don't really have an idea what his playstyle is.

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@mrfluke said:

probably gonna try doomsday, cause of this

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Easily my favorite super move in the game.

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From the demo Sex Luthor seems to be pretty solid, Doomsday's special ability (not move the circle button) seems super broken if used correctly and against heavier characters that can't spam light attacks to stunlock him.

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@altairre: Zoner. He's pretty ass up close, but he has the ability to delay his gunshots to bait your opponent into doing stupid things.

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I've been messing around with Bane. He may be too slow for my liking. I'll give him some more time, but I might just end up switching over to Raven because she looks a lot like Ermac.

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I am determined to main Aquaman, no matter what. So far it's gone pretty well versus some local people, and in single-player stuff.

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Haven't played terribly much yet, but I think I had the most fun playing Aquaman so far. TRIDENT!!

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That Killer Frost

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i cant wait till this game releases on friday

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havent got it yet (in the UK) but im thinking either black adam or Hal Fucking Jordan

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After finally using him in the story Green Lantern might be on my short list of favorites really evokes Ermac in a lot of ways which was easily my favorite MK9 character or well... at least the one I was best with.

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Aqua Man was actually broken pre-release, like literally beyond S-tier broken, which is what the day 1 patch was about. Not sure about the details, but I know for a fact he had an infinite, and it may or may not have been unblockable.

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@demoskinos: If you're looking for an Ermac then you want to try Raven. Most of her moves directly correlate to him. Seems to be way more like him than Green Lantern. At least from initial impressions.

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Harley and Hawkgirl.

Edit: Just realized Demo is using my team. What is this!?

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Harley and Hawkgirl.

Edit: Just realized Demo is using my team. What is this!?

I'm inside your mind man!

@barrabas: Noted! I'll give her a whirl soon.

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God, I wish Sinestro's alternate outfit was his White Lantern outfit now that I've tried him out and enjoyed him. And I also pray that the rumors of Atrocitus as DLC are true.

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That is by far the best typo I have seen all day.

Sex Luthor

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That is by far the best typo I have seen all day.

@fredchuckdave said:

Sex Luthor

Don't mean to burst your bubble but I am pretty sure that is not a typo.

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I think Deathstroke, I like his easy combos

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@jacksmedulla said:

That is by far the best typo I have seen all day.

@fredchuckdave said:

Sex Luthor

Don't mean to burst your bubble but I am pretty sure that is not a typo.

Luthor is a dapper man.

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@commisar123: Scumbag

Speaking of Se... err Lex, I went like 26-12 in ranked matches including a 10 streak, sadly after the 9th win I had a player disconnect upon joining a match (not midmatch just in the joining phase, even prior to reaching the character select) and that somehow broke the streak. Lex's charge/air charge is a noob killer and that seems to be a majority of players, there's noobs, crappy deathstroke users (3-3 sadly, Lex isn't great against the stroke), people that have clearly been playing the game for 50+ hours, and a few average guys like me. It's also not too hard to combo into Lex's super with some triangle juggling.

I did run up against a 100-40 guy that I destroyed though so who knows. As far as fighting games go I play extremely smart but I have little or no interest in memorizing extended button sequences so I'll be good for a while here until people start dishing out longass combos one after the other (Superman seems to have a ridiculous one for starters). I also went up against a dude who was 160 and 40 with 100 disconnects, kicked his ass twice and he d/c'd both times, I guess it's nice that it shows the number but his rating was still like 1650 (no clue what mine is thanks to the presently broken player card system, at least for checking your own), one of those times was mid streak but it didn't break the streak nicely enough.

After that I went and got the King of the Hill trophy, and wonder of wonders this game actually has intelligently designed trophies so more than 0.5% of the playerbase will be able to 100% it! No ridiculous combo challenges as far as I know (though difficult challenge tower stuff instead, way more interesting) and no ranked streak trophies (but you do get ingame rewards for doing so). I went 10-0 without a sliver of challenge in the room I was in but people started asking me to switch characters so swapped to Wonder Woman and promptly lost to a horrible player; couldn't remember her moves only the square square triangle lasso whip combo of doom for beating the demo on hard. Turns out there's a 25 streak reward which I could've gotten I imagine but will be tough to get a few weeks in the future; damnable niceness (albeit this saved me having to sit in that room for another 30 minutes). There's separate ones for ranked/KoH/player match streaks, but KoH and player match overlap. Ranked 25 I've got some mild chance of getting for about a week and then that's all over.

Good lex maneuvers: Jump in heavy, back forward heavy still in midair, or jump in heavy, ground heavy, back forward heavy (or down back heavy). Down back square is great for jumpers/as a surprise hit, down forward X is murderous against the computer at range and pretty good against players until they move. Lex's air charge will hit ground targets unless its at the peak of the jump, though this does make it easy to get hit with fast projectiles as well.

For deathstroke it depends how good the guy is really, have to get in close where you can mostly dominate but have to be wary of the spinny sword retarded shit, if he spams nonstop then duck low until he starts doing low shots; then jump and do an air charge and repeat as necessary until you're on top of him, trying not to get blocked. If the guy's great (unlikely) then you'll probably lose but the same could be said for every other character.

What makes this game great relative to MK9 is there are very few "stun" moves; which really hamstrung non Scorpion/Sub-Zero et al users and made it very unappealing to play with them, near as I can tell the only stuns are environmental or things that burn super meter. Personally I find R2 + button to be terrible to reach for doing EX moves so I rarely do them; but doing the super itself isn't too bad and is generally worth saving for at least for Lex. Out of 50ish matches I saw a grand total of zero stage transitions, if that gives you an idea of how obfuscated and difficult to pull off those moves are; plenty of R1 chucking stuff though. Beating the demo (4 fights) on Very Hard took 2 hours, beating a whole bunch of random people 35 times took less, and I was able to bring even the pre-release combo champions down a round for the most part.

If anyone wants to spar on PS3 let me know, PSN is Valgresas; would be interested in getting good at someone other than Luthor after 100 wins; won't take too long at this rate.

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I'd like to get better with nightwing but his escrima range is ass and I abhor the staff. The Flash and Catwoman intrigue me. Still, I haven't had time to really play around with all the characters, So I dunno really.

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Superman, although Flash is really fun to play as well

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Aquaman seems pretty OP.

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Ended the day at 50-18, guess mid game DC's do count. Only had one mirror match, Lex seems like a top 5 character though so wonder when that'll change. Lex vs Green Arrow is an incredible amount of fun since Green Arrow's projectiles aren't instantaneous but still generally powerful and Lex is excellent at closing the distance. I've seen a fair number of Aquaman projectile spammers even though his strength seems to be up close, they're mostly terrible but I thought it odd. Rating is at 1502, the disconnect champion I was talking about earlier is number 5 on the leaderboard, 240-40 but it doesn't list his D/Cs, not entirely clear how D/Cs affect anything considering, but I guess technically I can say I beat a top 5 player twice, even though he sucked.

A really good Green Arrow that was 200-40 was the best match all day. I've played 4 or 5 of the top 20 players, only about half of them seem to know bullshit combos due to pre-release nonsense, the rest are pretty legit. After a bunch of relatively easy matches earlier I had a lot of close calls that were tons of fun to end the day.

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Man, some of these challenge missions in the STAR labs are tough if you wanna get all 3 stars. I'm not even all that far in either.

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@mrfluke said:

probably gonna try doomsday, cause of this

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Easily my favorite super move in the game.