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Hello everyone! I'm made this thread so that whenever a app is free for a limited time, a fellow duder can bring attention to it. Every time someone mentions an app, I will edit the OP, so others can see it quick.

So to start this off...


It's a really neat weather app. It's simple to use and its cool to play around with.

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I'll wait for the Free App Watitng Thread, thank you.

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I got the App. It's pretty neat, but it's too much finger swipes to get around the app. I'll just stick with the one I've been using already.

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I like the idea of this!

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I mean. It's not a cube. It's a right rectangular prism, but other than that it seems pretty cool.

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This is dumb but I find it fun :)

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The intent for this thread was for games "free for a limited time" but sure, throw out those always free ones too. :p

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