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I need to know if you get a game that is usually paid but is being offered free for a limited time, will that game be permanantly linked to your itunes account and you can always redownload it later for free (like PSN for example), or is it always just a per download thing? Im buying an ipad whenever the new ones get announced (october usually?) and was wondering if I download a free (for a limited time like I said) game, will it be available when i get the ipad in a few weeks/months? Thanks in advance

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Your agreeing to "purchase" it even thought it is free. The license stays with you.

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In fact, if you have other "iDevices" and iTunes set to "automatically download purchases", buying a free game on anything will trigger it to be downloaded and installed on all other devices.

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awesome, thanks a lot duders, that is what I was hoping. follow up question, if I download it, and get the icon on my iphone, but because I dont have free space I cant finish the download and the icon sits there, is it still "activated" already anyway?

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@rhaknar: yep to your second question.

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