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Poll: Who else thinks that gameloft makes too much games wich makes them low quality(storyline etc) (17 votes)

Yep indeed they should make better quality games and reduce the rate of new games coming out 59%
Naaah i think they do a great job at the moment 41%
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They make fucking phone games.

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Yes, that's why they're so bad.

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Wait, are we saying Gameloft games makes too many games and that's why the story in those games aren't very good and the gameplay isn't either.
Let me just take a few weeks to get over the fact that Gameloft tricks people into thinking their games have a story.

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gameloft cranks out consistent AAA titls. i dnt kno wat u tlkn bout.

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I for one have been impressed by how functional the games still are at their price point, and presumably not exactly with high budgets, I don't think any of them, at least not the games I've tried out, have been worse than mediocre (of course, none of them have been better than mediocre either). Dungeon Hunters were a perfectly functional series of Diablo clones, N.O.V.A. a by the numbers Halo clone and the Modern Combat series kinda OK Counter-Strike clones. They certainly don't do anything remotely original, but they're pretty decent at straight up cloning other popular games and selling them really cheap on mobile devices, where the originals are unlikely to ever be released.

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Gameloft isn't a single developer. It is a publisher that hires developers to make games for them. Even if they released less games the quality would not change.

Also, have you tried Asphalt 8? That game is pretty sweet.

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but the real question is are the IGN cast got the worst hair?

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Her says: What's that?

Him says: It's a boat-boating boat boating boating boats

Her: LOL holy boat

Him: LOL

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