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What are your running in season 4?

I'm doing the Skippy and then another series. Haven't decided between the Star Mazda and the McLaren. I'd do all 3 but I know I probably won't have time. I entertained doing the FW31 but I know I don't have the time to practice I'd need to run that for the season.

I'm just under 2500 iRating which will keep me in division 3, I think. Which is nice because the competition is so much better in division 2 and I'd be lucky to make the top 25.

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I will probably do the C and B fixed on the oval side, and maybe late model. I haven't figured out what I want to do on the road side yet, maybe the Kia if I can get used to its insane oversteer on corner entry.

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I'm going to probably mainline the McLaren and either the Radical or Skippy for road racing, and the trucks/Nationwide series for ovals, with a bit of Indycars here and there. I started dicking around with the McLaren last week, but didn't have enough seat time by the time I decided to race, so I'll be doing mostly that one. I really like the car, and until I get my B license to drive the GT, it'll be good experience with a multiclass & long race series.

I hope the Star Mazda gets updated to ntm 5 soon. I also wish there was a lower-tier open wheel car which didn't feel like the only way to drive it competitively is to be Vin Diesel.

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I really like the Star Mazda schedule for Season 4 and it might be the first time I'll buy every track in a season to compete. So even though my iRating and safety rating will drop pretty hard in that league I will try to do my best in S4 I think. Grand-Am Series as usual for a little distraction ;)

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Just did my first Skippy race of the season, and it was an absolutely awesome race. There were 3 of us leading the race all within a second of each other for the first part of the race. One guy spun out when we went three wide down the back straight (Watkins). Me and the other guy spent the rest of the race racing super close, changing positions a few times. He came first in the end, but we finished 15 sec ahead of the rest of the field.

Hopefully I can have lots of those kinds of races :D

e: second race was even better. Three of us within a second for the whole race. Got passed on the last lap, and I couldn't find a safe way back past. Getting put in higher splits now, so not sure how long I'll be competitive. I was the only D class in that race.

.e2: Well, second day was a bit of a disaster. I wrecked someone for the first time, and retired from a race for the first time. Being put with racers much, much more experienced than myself. I'm able to keep my times relatively competitive, but having to push super hard to do so, and making silly mistakes as a result. Pretty pleased with this race (though that is the race I wrecked JAY BEASLEY. Tiny little knock on his right rear turned him around :( ). Managed to keep it together enough to have a good close race with someone much better than myself. Had a big slide in the last corner of the penultimate lap that lost me the lead unfortunately.

Retired from my complete disaster of a final race. I think that will put me back in lower splits, which is good and bad.

Comfortably leading the Div. 4 championship, though I don't expect that to last too far past this track ;)

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So, the good news first: I won my first Star Mazda race. Yay! I wasn't the fastest guy in the race but by far the most consistent. Now for some bad news: I shouldn't have won the race, really. And thats one of the things I don't like about Season 4. The 17inc cap. There was a guy in front that was a lot faster than the rest of us but he kept spinning. Wasn't a problem for him because he was so much faster than the rest of the field that he could afford the mistakes while still keeping the lead. As I got closer (after one of his mistakes) we had a little battle going on and he ran a bit wide and then...poof, just disappeard. With that off-track he had reached the incident cap. Not a big fan of that at all.

Second thing I don't like: Realistic weather in some (all?) series. When driving my timezone all of the US-based tracks are usually super cold. No wonder, it's night time, isn't it?

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@iron1c: That's crazy, but hey in the long term it'll get the desired effect. That guy is going to start racing a lot cleaner.

I need to get some racing in tonight or tomorrow. Between setting up to do a extra life stream and the world series I haven't had time this week.

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@datarez said:

@iron1c: That's crazy, but hey in the long term it'll get the desired effect. That guy is going to start racing a lot cleaner.

I need to get some racing in tonight or tomorrow. Between setting up to do a extra life stream and the world series I haven't had time this week.

I get what iRacing is trying to do with the cap and I'm sure it has a good longterm effect on the quality of races BUT I really don't like that cars just disappear, thats strange especially for something that is calling itself a sim and not a game.

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@iron1c: Yeah it should give them a DQ black flag forcing them to pit.

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Apparently, I'm driving the Spec Racer Ford. Because, you guys, it's fucking amazing.

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Won my first race in the Skippy series, yay. Myself and the guy fighting for first were more or less running exactly the same laptimes (our average lap and fastest lap were less than 0.05s apart). He made a mistake on the third-to-last lap, I got in the draft, and that was that.

Really enjoying Suzuka. A couple of corners are terrifying when you're trying to put in tidy laps for a race; so easy to get in a little too hot and lose it. My lap-times are slowly coming down, but they're still not great. It's just a matter of being brave though I think. I have no confidence into T14/15; being super cautious and losing a bunch of time as a result. I won't have a chance in hell if I get put in a top split (1.28 vs 1.26 average lap). On the upside, both the Suzuka races I've done so far I've managed 0 incidents (while everyone else spins off around me).

I'm 2nd in Div. 4 and around 70th overall. My lofty aim is to win Div. 4 and get top 50 overall. If I stick with the season to the end, that is.

Got fast-tracked to C-class as well, so that's nice.