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With Drew's recent Quick Look of, I've noticed a surprising amount of members who appear to currently play iRacing. Since official races aren't a good way to gather a community together, especially with iRatings and Safety Ratings on the line, I was curious if any iRacing users would like to partake in a Giant Bomb league.

Here's what I can promise:

  • I can fund the costs of a league and a weekly race, be it a season or just a recurring one-off night.
  • I'm more than happy to manage said league, since I kind of have a knack for this thing. (Not counting my atrocious handling of the Forza Horizon club, but nevermindthat)
  • I'd want the races to be either all-inclusive or rookie-friendly. Scaring off duders with ELITE DRIVERS ONLY mentality isn't something I enjoy, unless that mentality involves gigantic vans or Smart ForTwos or something.

If you're interested, post in here and let me know! Here's what I'd also want to know:

  • What nights/times would you be available on a weekly, recurring basis?
  • Would you prefer road course races, oval racing, or a mishmash of both?
  • Would you have any other preferences for races (e.g., fixed setups, weird weather settings, paid or free tracks/cars, etc.)?

Let me know your interest. If there's enough of us, we can make iRacing A Thing™ on Giant Bomb.

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I'd be interested in a league. I think it would help to start with the free tracks/cars and then add in some of the others if most people have them. As far as when, I'm very flexable.

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I'm in.

I'd love to see if we can get one road and one oval series going to start off. Street Stocks hopefully, on short tracks. And whatever free road course car you want. Sometime like 9PM ET (6PM Pacific) and maybe the people in other countries have another race in whatever timezone they prefer, if there's enough interest.

Maybe you can post this somewhere other than just this subforum, because how many people even check here? Probably not that many, and we know GBers play iRacing as you pointed out.

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I'd be totally in if you would have a beginner. It would also put some fire under my feet to get a wheel setup. I'm free Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday nights. EST.

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I'm on my phone so excuse my formatting:

I just started playing iRacing and I'm having a lot of fun with it even though I'm just a bloody rookie.

I'd say starting with the free cars/tracks would make the most sense. I'm available all nights but I'm in europe so there's a time difference to consider. Oh and road cars and fixed setups strongly preferred. I'll make a proper post once I'm off this phone.

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Just to clarify, any season or recurring race night I'd run would be friendly with the "free" content included in the subscription. If it's possible to have multi-class races with both free and premium cars without forcing a purchase, I might give the option for popular premium cars, which would just require a download for compatibility for the users that didn't buy the extra content. If that's only a thing for official races, then we'll run all free content in at least one series.

It's part of what I mean by all-inclusive: Everyone should have the chance to race, regardless of how much content or skill you have. Sim racing's a lot cooler that way, as far as I'm concerned.

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@pseg: YES... I just got the game and any night really works for me, really got interested from the QL

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The QL inspired me to finally take the plunge and give this game a shot. After spending my whole Saturday doing nothing but playing it (and stopping to eat a couple times), I think I'm probably hooked. I'd definitely be interested in some scheduled events. I was hoping other bombers were jumping into the game after watching the video but wasn't sure how to connect with anyone in the game itself. Regular events just for us would be great (maybe even get Drew to race with us).

Evening hours in the US are best for me. I'm on Eastern time but can stay up late if need be. Any time on the weekend works too.

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I'm maybe a month away from buying a decent racing wheel setup and iRacing is something i've had my eye on since watching

I'm available anytime during the week, but unavailable on the opposite of regular humans' schedules.

Have this topic on watch, but dunno if i'll be able to partake until after i get a racing wheel.

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I'd love to do this but I'm only free Monday and Tuesday nights

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Id be really interested in this. It was actually your videos @pseg that got me interested in iRacing. Ive just purhased a wheel and am awaiting delivery but count me in! As for your questions

  • What nights/times would you be available on a weekly, recurring basis?

Im available pretty much every weeknight. Weekends are more unpredictable. I am however on UK time.

  • Would you prefer road course races, oval racing, or a mishmash of both?

Personally id prefer road but i've never tried oval and this could be a good excuse to give it a go.

  • Would you have any other preferences for races (e.g., fixed setups, weird weather settings, paid or free tracks/cars, etc.)?

Id prefer fixed setups and the free cars to be the focus but again this could be the excuse i need to get more into the setup of cars.

If any other Giant Bomb iRacers want to add me just search for David Kidd.

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I am in although I am aussie and do mostly oval work.

Sunday's here are great for me, I believe that works out to be saturday night for lots of Americans.

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I'm in for pretty much whenever. I'm also mostly an oval racer, but wouldn't be against dabbling in road (although I'd probably suck at it).

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I am definitely in for this. I have been mostly racing oval lately (just got into D class and joined the NASCAR late model series), but I am definitely in for road racing as well. Any nights during the week work for me, and I am available mostly anytime on weekends.

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Yeah, definitely interested. Didn't think the QL would make so many people sign up!

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I just decided I'm trying my luck on oval races this season, so even though I'm a bloody beginner at them I'd be available for it ;)

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OK, I think there's enough of a response to merit creating a league and seeing what kind of a group we get. I have a more official thread going over here. Thanks, everyone!