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J Allard was so awesome! He was so cool and he made the Microsoft press conference so exciting. All of the guys that spoke at the recent press conference are awesome to but I still miss J Allard. Do you guys miss J Allard to?

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Everyone wants J Allard back apparently, especially the GB Crew

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I'm pretty sure J Allard will resurface soon. He just has too!

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He was a fool, and a frowned upon fool at the time.

i find it lulz'y and odd that people seem to be into him now.

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I remember J Allard being on a tv prog about the development of the xbox back in the day.  He was skateboarding down a corridor.

I filed that under being a Tool since he was a grown man, and trying to do it to be "cool".

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He did add a little pazaz to the Microsoft crew....

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MsCortana said:
"He did add a little pazaz to the Microsoft crew....
Exactly. Im not a J Allard fan but I thought the guy represents Microsoft and Xbox 360 the best. He'll probably end up being the face of Microsofts next console.
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I'm watching E3 2007 MS conference because of this thread. Is he in last years?

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Yeah i want J Allard back too

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I want him back.

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Are there any old vids of him doing his thing?  I watch the press conferences but for some reason I don't remember him at them.

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Sure, he acted like a fool. But he did so deliberately. Maybe he wanted to be a Reggie Fils-Aime ...

But he had a good vibe, and disappeared suddenly ... just like Elvis. If J Allard comes back, so does the king - you heard it here first :)
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He made me believe that he honestly believed in what he was saying, J was awesome!

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Yeah, I say bring Baldy back. He is so hip, that you can't help but hate him. Still, bring him back!

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I don't mind either way, but he was pretty cool.

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J Allard is what microsoft was missing that would of BLOWN EVERYONE AWAY! no doubt,he has to make a return.

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I miss him too. I miss that bald head of his.

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Hopefully he escapes Reggies basement soon

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Seems like the original guys who had the vision for the original Xbox have slowly drifted away and the 360 doesn't have the same sense of... enthusiasm, I guess, about it any more. I think J Allard was a bit part of that and it's a shame he's gone. Hopefully they'll bring him back.

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CoolDrMoney said:
"Hopefully he escapes Reggies basement soon
Lawl at avatar.
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I don't, he was kind of crazy...

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He was crazy, and we liked him for it. Bring him back! He was the guy that put the fun in Microsoft's conferences ;)

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id like to see him back but in all honesty don't see h9im back till the next xbox

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I'd rather have Moore back with Xbox in all honesty.

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Flexiable said:
"I'd rather have Moore back with Xbox in all honesty.
Moore is a klutz. I liked the guy from the E3 '08 conference better, maybe he was more charismatic, but Moore seems to be doing fine with EA.
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Vinchenzo said:
"Flexiable said:
"I'd rather have Moore back with Xbox in all honesty.
Moore is a klutz. I liked the guy from the E3 '08 conference better, maybe he was more charismatic, but Moore seems to be doing fine with EA.

Yup, his pockets are surely loaded.
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Whose J Allard?

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shadowjak said:
"Whose J Allard?"

Google is your friend.
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I would'nt mind seeing him back.Or Peter Moore.

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J should start hosting Deal or No Deal and Howie can be our Xbox guy.

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He just got promoted to CXO so he might not just be on the Zune team anymore.

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I think the real question is: Who doesn't want J Allard back? I sure as hell want some J.

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Shaolin_Munkeh said:
"Allard should definetly come back, that guy at E3 this year was dull as hell. Though we should be thankful Cammie from Nintendo didn't work for Microsoft, what a patronising c*** of a woman she was!"

Yeah he is such a noob, just watch his interviews.. hate that guy, full of PR bs.
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I like his name....

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I want him to return and state he's going to personally infuse every Kinect unit with his own chi.

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5 years ago, maybe. I don't really want J Allard back just to sell me kinect and TV shit- that seems depressing, somehow.

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My entire Allard experience consists of Space Giraffe and listening to game journalists gush about him. So, no, I could do with no more Allard forever.

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The tribe gladly welcomes J back

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I can't imagine why he'd want to come back.